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    The EMD SD80MAC was built in late 1995 and 1996 for Conrail only. With 5000 horsepower, it was EMD's most powerful single-engine diesel ever, and at over 80 feet long, the largest. It used the same isolated cab as the SD60I and SD70I, radial-steering trucks, and introduced massive 45-degree flared radiators. At the time, there was nothing else that could posibly be confused with it. Now, there are other similar-looking engines.

    SD80MACs when they were young:

    Rear views: Note the "notch" near the top. It contains the class lights, which are blanked on the NS engine. This is an important identifying feature distinguishing SD80MACs from SD9043MACs.

    More photos of SD80MACs after Conrail: Two in full NS paint One patched to NS, one NS Two patched to NS Three patched to CSX One in CSX dark future One CSX dark future, one CSX bright future One in CSX bright future
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    Thank you for that post. I saved a majority of those pictures.

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