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    The SD70ACe replaced the SD70MAC model in EMD's catalog.

    With its angular cab and flared radiators, it resembles an SD90MAC-H II. However, it is not as long overall. Observe the two grilles behind the cab, one above the other. Also observe the flared radiators: two main sections each divided in half.

    SD70ACes have received many paint schemes: UP UP (MP heritage) UP (WP heritage) UP (MKT heritage) UP (CNW heritage) UP (DRGW heritage) UP (SP heritage) UP (George Bush unit) BNSF Heritage 3 CSX dark future KCS MRL EMD demonstrator

    SD70ACes have also been built for BHP Billiton Iron Ore in Australia. These units have double handrails:

    SD70ACe at work Down Under:

    SD70ACe leads an SD90MAC-H II:

    SD70ACe with an SD9043MAC among the background engines (it's #8041 with the fire damage):

    The SD70ACe bears little resemblance to its predecessor, the SD70MAC:

    SD70ACe in primer:

    The MP and MKT heritage units have often been seen together:

    Rear view:

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