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    The Sd45 is a 6 axle (super duty) road switcher that was originally fitted with a 16 cylinder version of the EMD 567 diesel rated at 3600 horsepower originally. Many were either detuned or had their original power plants replaced with the 12 cylinder 567 that were put in the Sd40-2 rated at 3000 horsepower because the 16 cylinder engine had a proclivity for breaking crankshafts. The primary spotting features are a six axle diesel with flaring radiators at the rear of the long hood.
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    Thanks for the correction, Larry. I corrected my original post, I think then that the Sd40-2 had the 16 cylinder version of the 645 since I seem to remember that the Sd45 had 4 more cylinders of the same design as the Sd40. Thanks for the links to pics of both the high hood and low hood versions of the Sd45.
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    There is also an even more powerful SD45X which was rated at 4,200hp alothough this locomotive wasnt very well received (in fact AFAIK, unless the SP SD45X`s are TRUE X version, only the demonstrator was ever built)
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    We also need get into another type of SD45..And that is the SD45-2 and the SD45T-2 which of course each unit will need to have their own topic.

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