Sd40, Sd40-2, Sd40m?

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  1. gringo

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    Hi all,
    I'm modelling the Belt Railway of Chicago, and they use the SD40 and the SD40M. I see that Kato sells a SD40-2- is there much difference between the three models? What ARE the differences? Thanks for the help!
  2. eightyeightfan1

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    Do you mean the SD-40-3MPR?
    If thats the case, my resaerch has found, that its more of an internal upgrade during an EMD rebuild of electronics with microprocessrs. EMD wanted to distinguish between the -2, so they gave it a -3 designation. They are part of their lease program.
    Someone with more knowledge could probably correct me. I hope they do.(Inquiring minds want to know)
  3. jimk

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    I'm not sure about the SD40M, it looks like it's an SD40 without the Dynamic brakes (at least the Belt Railway ones.) The SD40-2 has a longer frame with longer porches at each end than the SD40. Kato made SD40s and you should still be able to find them.
  4. Triplex

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    SD40s, like all EMD engines of their era, came with the option of not having dynamic brakes.

    The SD40-2 is distinctly different from the SD40. Most noticeably, it has a longer frame, but the body is the same size, so the end platforms are larger. It also has a different-looking dynamic brake section (assuming that it has dynamics) and a small oval window on the right side of the long hood. This is an SD40, and this is a Dash 2.

    I wasn't aware SD40Ms existed. SD40M-2s exist; they were rebuilds by Morrison-Knudsen. Some of them were originally SD40s and some were SD45s. Some of the ex-SD45s kept their flared radiators; others didn't. I'm not sure about the identifying features of the ex-SD40s.
  5. 2-8-2

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    These EMD locomotives share a common frame:
    1. SD38
    2. SD40
    3. SD45
    These EMD locomotives also share a common frame:
    1. SD38-2
    2. SD40-2
    3. SD45-2
    These "Dash 2" versions have a 3 ft longer frame, but as Triplex mentioned, the actual body isn't longer. This leaves extended platforms at the front and rear, and are what railfans typically use to identify the Dash 2 version. Another easy to spot feature is the SD38-2 has two roof mounted radiator fans, whereas the SD40-2 has three.

    The SD40M-2 rebuilds were (again as Triplex mentioned) usually either the SD40 or SD45. To complicate things, Southern Pacific used the SD45 with an SD40 rear carbody for some of their SD40M-2 rebuilds.
  6. SeriousSam

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    besides the sd40 and the dash 2, i had only heard of the SD40A. The SD40A was longer than the standard SD40, and it was built on SD45 frames so it could have larger fuel tanks. (Heartland). Never heard of the SD40M
  7. WVRR

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    These are the EMD units in the SD40 class that I know of:
    EMD SD40
    EMD SD40A
    EMD SD40X
    EMD SDP40
    EMD SD40T-2
    EMD SD40-2
    EMD SD40M-2 (Units rebuilt by Morrison-Knudsen)
    EMD SD40-2W
    EMD SD402-SS

    As for the SD40M...I know that M stands for modified, although I am not sure what kind of modifications there are. Here's a pic of an SD40M. One of the only ones I have found on the internet
    As for the modifications...I will go directly to the source...I'm about a 20 minute walk to the GMD plant here in London Ontario...I'll just pop in and ask them...LOL.:thumb:
    I also know that UP had an SD40M in it's roster...if I remember correctly it was number 2747.
    Yes, here's a good pic...kinda...

    Also found an I don't know the scale model of one: maybe someone can spot the difference????

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