Sd.Kfz-251/1 ausf.C (scratchbuild) 1:16

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    What is the "blue" colored coating that you are using on the pieces before painting?
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    to->HeavyKevie: The blue colour you see on the model is blue tinted glue, that I use. Is quite diluted by water- it soaks better into the paper. I apply it by a brush an it’s like a to coating of the paper, so the paper doesn’t soak in the colour (no colour difference marks). It gets like a plastic look. It’s blue, so I can see where I applied it already – that way I don’t miss any area.

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    So this is white or woodglue? What is your mixture water to glue?



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    i was going to ask the same question...

    does it make the piece stronger as well?>
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    Beautiful tires! Absolutely amazing.

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    I am amazed. I also have the same question that all about the percentage.
    Thank you very much.
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    Originally it’s white office glue for paper, but it’s for wood, textile….. The ratio is aprox. 1 : 1 but you need to optimize for yourself. It makes the model little bit stronger, but mainly it impregnates the paper and gets the optimum surface for spraying by Gunze Sangio colour.
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    Thanks for your kind reply.

    Do you paint a base black layer and another with the green colour over it ? Are they Gunze Sangio? Do you paint with brush or airbrush?

    I like very much the way you work with paper. Now I am at the beginning of paper building, but I want to try your method in a future model. So I will ask you all the information you can tell us.

    Thank you very much for the information.
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    You must have reference material that would bury the average collector... or you actually own the real halftrack.
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    to-> Iriera:

    So, the blue or black basic colour is applied by a brush. And then I spray the Gunze Sangio. The black basic coat I use only when I want to see the part coloured before spraying, so I can deal with imperfections. But it doesn’t have to be black colour. You can use any colour you like. Keep an eye on this thread and I will try to answer all your questions.
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    Thank you Patero fro showing your work and also for the responses to my questions. Don't worry I am following your threat with ABSOLUTE attention. Your work is amazing and I am learning a lot looking how you do your model. :thumb:
    Thank you.
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    In a way that is not much for references. I can't speak for the book but I think you just have a good sense of design.
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    that's awesome !!! my jawbone is 2 km from its normal position !
    thank you for sharing us this wonderful works.

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    Very well done!

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    I think Kezn's jawbone is in danger of removing itself now... that is awesome stuff indeed!
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