SD Gundam RX-78 NT1

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    This is SD Gundam RX-78 NT1 offer by PaperTangs. It was done sometime ago. I just never got around to post it. Originally, I just want the 1/60 SD Hazel from PaperTang. Then I found out I have to build something else in his site first, sent him the finished photo, then I'll get the Hazel from Tang via email. So I pick the RX-78. And I'm glad I did. Cause what a joy to build. The model came in lines template. That make it so much easier for me to paint it anyway I want in Photoshop. I don't have to get live with the Gundam usual red white and blue colors. Anyway. I got the 1/60 Hazel that I wanted. And just finished coloring it in PS. So I'll be building that soon. Oh, by the way. The RX-78 is scale to fit on A3. So it is a bit larger size that the original Tang's model. hope you enjoy the pictures.

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    The only free proportions gundam I know is I did came across a couple sites but I didn't like their gundam design(I don't like most gundam design). So I didn't book marked them.

    Anything else I know are all compressed "SD"(super deformed) gundam.

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