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    Much like my HO layout post this one will focus on scratch and bashed kit projects.

    Animated structures
    TrainClown - Peanut butter lid diorama - definatly a must see

    CNW1961 - Let's build a turntable

    Coal, sand & water towers
    Shaygetz - Light tower
    Edavillenut - Edaville water tower
    Chessie 6459 - coaltower
    jac's lines - Coaltower
    Play-doh - watertower

    Misc. houses and structures
    Chessie 6459 - Train Park scene
    k&k railway - some of my stuff - some more - another one i made (house)
    csxengineer - Bridge
    arragorn - My latest
    drew1125 - lumbershed
    Play-doh - Firehouse
    77railer - kennecott copperCo.
    Tayder - oil refinery

    Slagpot - HO scratchbuilt rivertug boat
    - transport truck
    Jmarksbery - Dixie line Tow boat

    Objects and lighting
    arragorn - 50 gallon drums
    EngineerKile - industry converyer (potash mover)
    Fred_M - treehouse
    Tileguy -
    Fence and painting it - slick schick lighting
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    Thanks for the links. Some of these are earmarked for The Gauge's "Academy", and I appreciate you taking time to find more of these useful gems. Sometimes when you've been here as long as I have, it's hard to see the trees for the forest... if you kow what i mean . ;)

    I may "borrow" some of your links... :cool:


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