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  1. marc gast

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    Hey everyone,

    I finally figured out how to post photos in the "Gauge" (not sure if this is good for you). Is it "Live" or "Memorex"?:rolleyes:
    Well, its a 1:20.3 scratchbuilt replica of a water tank built in the early 1900's on the Copper Canyon Line of the Victoria Logging and Manufacturing RR in Chemainus, British Coumbia. This photo and also the model placed 1sts in a recent NMRA convention in Grand Rapids, MI. The next color photo is the tank which was entered in the Finescale Water Tank Challenge 2002. It placed a high honorable mention. Ya just never know how the judging will go.


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  2. marc gast

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    Chemainus Water Tank (color photo)

    Here's the color photo of the tank (the actual structure placed 1st at the NMRA in Grand Rapids, 10/03).

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  3. marc gast

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    Railtruck & Water Tank

    This photo is of the scratchbuilt water tank and railtruck taking on water (gotta keep that radiator full). The railtruck is 80% scratchbuilt and placed 1st in the motive power at the NCR NMRA convention in Grand Rapids, MI, 10/03. More photos of the truck to follow.
    Thanks for taking a look!:D

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  4. kettlestack

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    And a splendid piece of modelling it is too marc.
    I love your imaginative railtruck, just the sort of thing the backwoods engineers would come up with....... super!

  5. Clerk

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    Boy! That water tank is an oldie. Great job on both of them. They really look good.
  6. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    I glanced at the first pic and assumed it was the prototype you based the model on! Wow! Beautiful work!
  7. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    That is one beautiful model Marc. Excellent workmanship. Not at all surprising that it won first place.
  8. marc gast

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    Water Tank Prototype

    Thanks for the KUDOS!!!!! The compliments are muchly appreciated.:wave:
    The tank was designed from four 2 x 2 inch photos found in an old magazine. All of the plans for the water tank had to be scaled up from the small photos. The tank has over 500 hours of design and contruction time, 200 pieces of individual cut and distressed basswood, all the tanks torsion bars are functional (threaded .090 brass rod, nuts and washers). The spout is designed from telescoping brass tubing, brass tubing cut for the angled segments of the spout and thin brass strips for the banding. About the only thing I didn't do to his this puppy, was to line the inside of the tank with a waterproof material so it would hold water.

  9. jimmybeersa

    jimmybeersa Member I goin to build one like for the pictures of the truck PlEEEEEEEEESE
  10. marc gast

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    Water Tank & Truck


    The water tank will be available in kit form early next year.
    Scales available are 1:20.3, 1:48, 1:87. Other scales are being considered as special orders.

    More truck to follow.


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