scratchbuilt Spanish cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by paperboy, Nov 5, 2006.

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    Very nicely crafted, and an excellent subject choice. Bravo!

    Heckuva first thread! Can't wait to see your tenth! :)

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    Very good job, Paperboy. I´m posting from Spain, and this is may model of the "Almirante Oquendo" cruiser. This ship was the "brother" of Infanta María Teresa. Was sunk in de battle of Santiago. Is 1/100 scale, is made with wood, and metal parts. Now I´m finishing the hull.

    Regards from Spain...

    You can see a step by step in follow forum
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    Plans from Spanish cruiser.

    From Cadiz in Spain I send you lay outs with guns details,and others.... This plans are taken from the original lay outs of the "Museo Naval de Madrid"

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    I just looked at your model of the Oquendo and want to say that the hull is fantastic. I love the detail of the hull plates. May I ask what is the gold hull plate material? It looks easy to work. I have been meaning to finish my model of the Infanta Maria Teresa,but I fell into evil company and started to build Confederate Navy ironclads of the American Civil War instead.
    Also many thanks for the plans that you sent me, Julio Pillet sent the same plans as well as many pictures as I was beginning to build my model. He built a large plastic model of the Infanta that is just beautiful. I will follow your build with interest.

    Very Respectfully
    Vernon Sheppard
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    The material of the hull is metal. I don´t know what kind of metal, I think that is a "latón" (I don´t know the inglish name). One side of metal has this golden colour, I think that is a cupper shower?. The other side has the plate colour that you can see.

    For moore information write to me, and if you want register your self in "my" foro.

    thaks for follow me, and sorry for my inglish.

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    Awesome job, Paperboy ! Think you can be influenced into doing the Vizcaya next ? I'd love to see a model of that one.
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    Thank you for the complement. I need to update the pics of this . I dont think that the last ones were of the finished model. As far as doing another I' not sure if I would, they were essentially duplicates except for the stern scroll with name and the bow decoration with the coat of arms of the Hapsburg family for the Maria Theresa and the COA for the Vizcaya.
    Right now I'm working on a model of the USS Houston and after that I want to build the USS South Carolina BB26, the USS Charleston C2 and the french predreadnought Indomptable. All of these will be scratchbuilt.
    If you would like to build the Vizcaya i would lend assistance with reference material that I gathered for the model. Just let me know.

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    Sure, I'll give it a go. The only reference material I could find is an old photo from a book about the Maine, and a hull elevation plan from a Span-Am historical site, so any info you can provide would be very helpful. Please PM me, an I'll give you my email for the reference materials. Thanks.
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    Paperboy the decoration of the Maria Teresa is not the coat of arms of the Hapsburg familiy. Coat is represent the old five kindoms that we were in Spain before de Catolic Kings (before 1492 a.c). Thats kindoms are Castilla, León, Aragón, Navarra y Granada. In the center we have the Liss flower from de Borbon family, our actual royal family since 1713.

    I have photograhs and details of the decoration from the all that ships, and if you want I can send you the information.

  12. paperboy

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    My mistake in that I have never heard that explanation of the Coat of arms, I would be pleased to see any photos that you have and I continue to follow your thread of your building the Oquendo with interest.


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