Scratchbuilt K'tinga and Ent D using paper templates for scribing

Discussion in 'Extended Mediums' started by rel, Mar 15, 2008.

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    Here's a 1/350 scale K'tinga I made with the traditional methods, but it has a very elaborate panel and scribing pattern. What I did was print out the scribe patterns, attach them to the hull with tape, then use a xacto to "cut" the lines into the hull.

    After all the lines are in place, I went back with a scribing tool and scribed them in deeper.


    The finished fiberglass casting.


    And the finished ship using that same paper method all over the hull.



    I used this same technique on other projects that required scribing. Like this scratchbuilt Enterprise D below.



    To do this over a complex curve, it may be necessary to take a rubbing of the surface, then scan, and import it into a graphics program like Corel to make the scribe details.
  2. col. kurtz

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    WOW !! WHAt paper model did you use for the template for the ent-d ? excellent scratch builds look forward to following this:thumb::thumb:
  3. Trekcreations

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    Absolutely beautiful REL.

    How did you create such straight lines?

    They look perfect.
  4. Millenniumfalsehood

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    Probably a steel ruler. I use one with a corked bottom so it doesn't slip while I'm scribing. :wink:

    Excellent work as always, REL. The paint job on that K'Tinga really turned out well. :thumb:

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