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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by gera, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. gera

    gera Member

    Hi Guys:
    Long time no see... As I told you all, this half year has been my catching up with my Scractbuilding and on the way openend up a little forum.
    But...Card is always with me, since I use it a lot in my projects. Instead of sanding wood to get very thin sheets I use card, little tubes..paper, I have my own way of doing spoke wheels....card rims and paper hub,...big engine exhausts...rolled paper and so on......
    The forum looks great and nice to see a lot of activity, I have been here about an hour and haven't catched up.
    I am in the middle of three projects: 1:32 scale RO-41, a step by step "easy scratchbuilt Fleet16D" for a group in Portugal (also in the Scratch forum), this is a tiny 1:72 and the one I am really enjoying a 1:60 +- Tupolev "Air Cruiser" with Card and wood Pontoons.....the plans are Russian and are magnificent for a Scratchbuilder, I think this one would be fine in card!!!!!.....
    The Forum has presently 32 members, this shows you that the old craft of scratchbuilding is not well, too many easy plastics and resins kits around and kids today are usually in ciberspace not building anything which takes a lot of work...and love ..........anyways the guys who have joined are a nice bunch and we are having fun, if you have the time, come and look around. Eric joined early and is now very popular with his papermodels......There are some works of art in metal , foam, paper, wood, plastic boxes!!!! ...yes a Sci-Fi guy makes these motherships with all kind of plastic stuff , we also have a Fireman who makes wonderful fire engines.....the Plan Board is fabulous, lots of three view plans and detail plans from Russia....There is also a guy from Montenegro who won second place in a competition with a fantastic Seaplane...........I added some pics of the projects...and I joined a group build in Italy with an XB-51 and another in Portugal which is called " Two or Three wings"....I am building a paper WW1 Ansaldo "Ballila".....Having Fun like all here................See you guys another day, take care!!!!

    Here is the Forum address:





    OOOOPSSSS....the program did not let me put more pics......
    Good night guys, see you'll soon.

  2. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Hey Gera!

    Love the XB-51..........almost looks like machines aluminum!


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