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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by belg, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. belg

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    a while back there was a post about scratchbuilding and a book someone was selling on ebay ring any bells? I believe it was written by a husband and wife I believe it was a long "Polish" name?
  2. Belg, I don't recall the exact title right at the moment, but you're probably thinking of Wayne Wesolowski's book on scratchbuilding structures and rolling stock. I checked it out from my local libarary a few years ago and picked up a lot of good construction ideas from it.
  3. belg

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    Casey could you get me the name and snail mail address for your library so I could see if my library could set up an exchange for me?
  4. As it turns out, Pat, there are two books. I guess I was remembering them as one book combined. Here are the details:

    Wesolowski, Wayne, E. and Mary Cay Wesolowski, Model Railroad Scratchbuilding, 1981. (Mid-Continent Library Call # 625.19W516)

    Wesolowski, Wayne E., ABC's of Building Model Railroad Cars, 1985. (Mid-Continent Library Call # 625.19W516A

    Mid-Continent Library System consists of 30 "branch" libraries. The administrative headquarters is located at 15616 E. 24 Highway, Independence, MO. 64050-2057 (816-836-5200)
  5. belg

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    Casey thanks for the quick response but unfortunatly those are neither one of the books I'm looking for. I found the title and it's called Model RR structures from A to Z, by Wesolowski, Wayne, E. and Mary Cay Wesolowski. I'm not sure of the year it was published. I'm going to try the link you gave to see if they might also have a copy of this book. The link will not let me in without a local library card.
  6. Russ Bellinis

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    I think most of Wayne's books are published by Kalmbach and still in print, but I may be mistaken.
  7. belg

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    Russ this particular book has not been published in quite a while that's why it's more difficult to find.
  8. shamus

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    I Have some books for sale in
    Buy Sell forum
    Don't know if any will interest you.
  9. Belg, Mid-Continent does not have the title you're looking for.

    BTW: you can search the system's catalog without having a card. Just click on the "Guest Login" button on the catalog page. For future reference, the system has nearly 300 model rr books and videos.
  10. Bill Stone

    Bill Stone Member has 3 of the Wayne Wesolowski books for sale used. But they are over a hundred bucks each!
    If that reflects demand perhaps some publisher (I think they were originally published by Tab Books) needs to get on the ball and reprint them.

    Bill S
  11. This is mind boggling, Bill! :eek: I just followed the link you provided. One of the books sells for $199.95 and another is selling for $174.95. I think they originally sold for around $12-15 from TAB back in early 80's.

    I went back to my library's online catalog and put a "request-hold" on the two titles they have listed. I think I'd better reread them. I must have missed a ton of extremely valuable information the first time around.... :D
  12. belg

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    I'm sure there is some good information in these books but to pay that much is just plain dumb. I think that there are enough other books out there that you can assemble a little info from each of those.
  13. Just as a followup, I picked up the two Wesolowski books I had "holds" on at my library this afternoon. Thumbing through them, they are just as I remember them from years ago. They're still good, but I didn't see information or photos that I'd be willing to spend $175-$200 on.

    (FWIW: One of my library copies is still in the original paperback cover, though somewhat dirty and battered. The other book obviously went to the bindery a long time ago and has one of those generic hard covers on it. Doubt if either of them would bring $20 in a used book store. Oh well....:D :D)
  14. belg

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    B]FOUND IT!!!!!! [/b]

    Yes believe it or not I found a copy in a library and am I glad I did not pay for this book because it's almost an exact copy of one that was printed later and made into a 9x12 book instead of the litttle 5x7 one. Although there was was some useful info in it but I had already read that in the first book.[

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