Scratch built garden snow blower unit

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by LoudMusic, Apr 21, 2007.

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    If that was 1to1 scale, imagine how much snow that would be. Can the prototype even plow snow that deep?

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    Yes, the prototype plows snow that deep! I have pictures of the CPR plowing near Orangeville (50 miles north of Toronto) with a WEDGE plow in snow that deep. They are using SIX steamers to shove the wedge. There are also pictures of men digging out locomotives where the snow was over the roof.

    Interestingly, the rotary plow was developed in Orangeville by Orange Jull (no relation ;)) after an idea by a dentist of all people, but it was never used there. The Leslie brothers in Toronto built the first one. Despite the Canadian origin, they became best known for use with the UP and SP in the mountain passes on the way to California. CPR did operate one or more in the Canadian west.

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    cool, awesome, spectacular. Oh, I hate snow.
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    well i guess he just made it for the sake of clearing snow off his track (beats walking around with a shovel) and not really for it to be all that accurate.
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    Isn't there a video of a rotary plow in use that ends when the cameraman gets socked with the snow spraying out of the plow?
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    Not that I've seen - I'd love to watch it if you can find it :)
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    those are soo coooool,i want a garden railroad just so i can have a rotary plow!and great vids too,loud music! :thumb: --josh
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    great videos. I like the last one when they got stuck. lmao

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