Scratch building help needed: 9mm gauge mining wagons

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Snotling, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Snotling

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    Hello i'm making a h0e industrial railroad and i've been thinking about scratch building small mining wagons. they're impossible to get in Croatia and it would cost me a fortune to get them via ebay or mail order. So i'm just gonna make my own.

    i already have some sketches for the damn thing, the chassis and bearings will be made from 1mm and 2mm plasticard. all holes are gonna be drilled with hot wire, to get the exact diameter and perfect smoothnes. the coupling is probably gonna be a piece of chain, like the original.

    i still havent figured out how to make the coal bay. one option is plasticard, others are cast plastic or pewter/messing. the problem is what to make the mould from, and what to mould into it.

    any suggestions and tips are welcome. if anyone of you out there made his own mining/logging trucks, please send pics and sketches.
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  3. Snotling

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    looks great i'll try to make a carbon copy as soon as i have some excess wheels.

    thanx for the link

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