scratch build stone boiler house

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    scratch build stone boiler house HI all Today I started my scratch build stone and wood 2 floor boiler house with shop .first I made the stone wall brick by brick made my Doctor Ben's Baby Building Blocs u can get at DEBENLLC website in 2-Pounder bag .The block look like split-stone texture. Once I draw out the building I want to build I just cut out a print and tape it the board and build on top of it take a lot of time to build 4 walls .Them once walls are build I make a RTV Silicone Mold Making Rubber for them Now once the mold dry about 24 hr. I take the master walls out and clean mold then I make some Hydro Cal White and pour my walls once walls are and air all out I let dry for 12Hr then take out of mold and let them sit for 24 hr. more .Just look at the picture and see the high detail of these wall. Hope you all like it so far
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    Very Cool!
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    This looks promising! Next time you make a mold like this, please walk us through it with text and photo's so we can learn stuff.

    I have done lots of rock castings with liquid latex, and even done some moderately complicated shapes like coke ovens, and iron furnaces, which needed countermoulds, but I have not played with RTV, except some small details I did rears ago using RTV gasket material to make small moulds which I used to make epoxy castings.

    I'd love to learn to play with RTV, and perhaps graduate to two part molds

    this is a technology I'd like to explore, and I'm sure others youl love to learn from you as well so please shgare more of the process.

    Thanks for sharing

    Bill Nelson
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    Hi and thank i will be doing other building and i will take picture of it step by step for you also working with is easy then liquid latex and the mold super strong .(PS0 look here for info on item i use
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    Thanks, that looks like a good resource. here is a photo that shows the iron furnaces and coke ovens I have made with hydrocal cast in liquid latex moulds made from carved hydrocal masters.

    If I got to playing with RTV and casting resin, I'd like to learn how to make two part molds and make a lot of tweetsee style Hon3 hopper cars similar to ones I have scratchbuilt from wood, one of which is shown on the Sander's Gorge bridge.

    Bill Nelson

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