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  1. DN

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    As DN is moving to the new headquarters, some of the units of the fleet will be decommissioned. Below you can see the last known photograph of the doomed "Top Shelf Squadron" designated for the scrapper’s torch.


    The same fate will meet the 1st Middle Shelf Fighter Squadron.


    Oh well, life goes on :?
  2. Willja67

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    That's a shame. I bet there are some guys on this site that would buy those models. I really admire your work and would almost offer to buy a couple of your middle shelf fighter squadron except that I too am in transition and have no place to hangar them.
  3. Jim Nunn

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    Well what can I say they are only paper and you know you would build them differently if you had to do them all over again and now you can.

    All kidding aside do not scrap the models you will miss them greatly. If you must get rid of them call a maritime museum near you and donate the ships. The San Diego Maritime Museum has paper models on display by Master Modeler David T. Okamura and has requested more from David. So they are not just paper.

    The models displayed are by Digital Navy and Paper Shipwright. Roman and David your models are museum quality.

    Jim Nunn
  4. bfam4t6

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    Aye listen to Jim. It'd be a shame throw away hours of hard work. Those beautiful models are your paycheck!
  5. Maurice

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    Your call of course Roman, ... and possibly your opportunity for later regrets ....

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