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  1. Hello everyone, does anyone know who might make a junk yard or scrap yard model? I want to add a scene like this to my layout, but i have been un successful in locating one. Any info or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!:wave:
  2. MilesWestern

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    You do. Check your scrap box for anything and everything you can use to make a completely unique scrap yard. A $1.00 store is a good place to buy cheapie toys that you can use to make junk parts. Also, old watches, clocks, appliances, nearly anything can be creatively used in this respect. Have fun!
  3. jbaakko

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    I'd just throw in some Woodland Sceneics scrap heaps, a compactor, and use "bailed" aluminum foil to make "bails" of metal.
  4. liven_letdie

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  5. Jim Krause

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    Woodland Scenics, Chooch Enterprises, Grandt Line and several others sell component parts to make a junk yard. There are also a couple of companies that sell complete kits with buildings and junk.
  6. fseva

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    A complete kit...

    :thumb: How about Jurgens Junk Yard by Monroe Models?
  7. Ralph

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    I made crushed cars by takingone HO scale vehicle and wrapping pieces of aluminum foil around them to get a basic car shape which i then flattened and spray painted various colors. Stack them up in piles to get a cheap and easy auto salvage scene.
  8. Illus

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    Put matchbox cars in a vise. Squash 'em into a bale.
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    You and I are pretty much in the same boat. However my future scrap yard will be huge by HO measurement. I need a inbound yard about 2' by 4' , not including the scrap cranes ,kress carrier traffic and details. My problem will be how to make huge piles of scrap. I figure the piles will be maybe 6" to 10" tall with a base of more than 12" to 18".

    I'm thinking of stacking 2" foam board ,cut to the shape of a pile and then covered with saw-dust. Painted with rust color paint,with pieces of quote on quote scrap metal glued to that. Pencil shavings will work nicely too,just as long as you paint everything up,a wonderful shade of rust.

    Ken Larson , another steelie fan ,came up with the piling of 2" foam board method.

    Hope this helps,it sure will when I build mine.

    Dragon River Steel Corp {DRSC}
  11. Thanks to everyone for the great ideas and information, my junk yard is on its way!:thumb:
  12. liven_letdie

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    An idea for your mounds of scrap, how about laying down steel wool to the foam bard as a base either painted rusty or real rusty, i think that would look pretty cool. I just picked a variety pack of different coarseness and if you flattened them out it would be a real nice srap metal scene. Just a thought!!!

    Good luck, let us see pics!!! stooges8
  13. jbaakko

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    Ken's got such a great RR too! I love everythign he's done with it.
  14. jbaakko

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  15. TruckLover

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    WOW, thanks for that site Josh, I could use some of that scap for my gondolas!!:thumb: :thumb: :D
  16. Relic

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    imo some of the "junkyard scenes" I've seen in the "popular" model rr mags look like a dog ate some toy cars that he didn't like. I stopped buying said mags when I came accross this site.
  17. jbaakko

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    Johnny's Junk Heap loos like a good source, I plan to buy one of two of the 16oz bags.

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