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    In my other life, I did Scottish Country Dancing. This is a proposal for a Ball with railway flavour.

    The Platelayers’ Ball
    Scottish Country Dances with a Railway Link

    The Reel of the Royal Scots
    Meg Merrilees
    Madge Wildfire’s Strathspey
    Princess Royal
    Lady of the Lake
    Jingling Geordie
    Trip to Aberdeen
    Prince of Wales
    Bonnie Dundee
    The Machine without Horses
    The Express
    The Irish (Rail) Rover
    Jubilee Jig
    The Caledonian Rant
    Rob Roy
    The Duchess of Atholl’s Slipper

    The Lancer
    Bluebell Polka
    Frog in the Middle
    I’ll Gang Nae Mair tae Yon Toon (for Dr. Beeching)

    Music by 37188 (Jimmy Shand)

    All of the above are real Scottish Country Dances. If the railway link isn’t obvious, it’s probably an engine name. Most of the references are LNER or LMS, for obvious reasons, but there are one GWR and one Southern reference. One I wrote myself. Does anyone want to suggest any others?
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    Well David, The L.M.S. Duchess Of Atholl is the name of the first electric train loco I ever had. It is a Hornby Dublo and is over 50 years old and I still have her.

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    Dancing on the Plate Layers ball?.......must have been very painfull to say the least .....!!!!!

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