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    if you want a nice pair of scissors to cut fine lines, the ones that come in a disposable suture kit does wonders, i cut my hand andd had to go to the ER to get a couple of stiches. after the doc was done he was going to throw them away along with 2 types of locking forcips. not a good way of getting them but they work great
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    Wow, thanks for the tip! I know a lot of doctors due to my job, maybe I'll give it a try and ask them. ;)
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    Just checked on-line and Amazon has a kit for $10 that included scissors, scalpel, smooth tweezers, and scalpel blades with free shipping. What a great idea! You're correct, buying is probably a whole lot cheaper than a trip to the ER.
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    Interesting! Not a nice way to get them, I agree. I've used my wife's manicure scissors with great results.

    edit: On the paper....
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    a LOT cheaper than gong to the ER for sure
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    You know all those sawtooth tabs for circular and curved parts. Well, one thing I 've used that comes in quite handy are pinking shears (fabric scissors with a sawtooth cut). They are a bit unwieldy but if the part is large enough it isn't too bad of a problem. With a little practice, those sawtooth edges are no more difficult than any other edge.

    Of course, you should get your own. You get very evil looks when you use cloth scissors on paper or heaven forfend, cardstock!
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