Scissors question.

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by keith, Apr 8, 2006.

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    Hi Keith

    Bought a set in IKEA dirt cheap work fine


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    Fiskars and other cutters

    I seem to have found the series on scissors a bit late, but I've got to get my two cents in, anyhow.

    My wife (in sewing) and I (in modeling) both have fallen in love with the Fiskars Soft Touch line, both for the larger ones and the little Soft-touch Microtips. They are really easy on the fingers! They also make a line of orange-handled scissors including a great (two finger loops) embroidery scissors with very fine tips. Most of these are available in WalMart and craft stores.

    But if you want to see some beautiful scissors, go to the pros! My wife and I took her sewing machine in for cleaning and minor repairs, and we were dumbfounded by the quality of large, small, and teeny-tiny scissors they had one display! A nearby fabric shop also had some impressive cutters.

    Bob (and LeAnn)
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    I've got several sets of those IKEA scissors that Barry mentioned; at £1 for three pairs, they were a steal! Being left-handed, most handed tools such as scissors give me grief. I must have just got used to it! The fiskar fine scissors are wonderful though, no problems using them widdershins.


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