Schnellboot S-100 Class

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    This is a new kit by Fitter, from E-cardmodels. I have to admit, I'm a bit trepiditious about this, as I've only really attempted 2 ship models before, niether of them got finished for various reasons, mostly loss of intrest on my behalf, due mainly to dissatisfaction with wobbly hulls.

    So it is with much circumspection and a bit of curiosity I'm jumping into this with both feet. (mixed metaphors are available from mixedmetaphorsr'us, at reduced prices..)

    the kit will make up into a model about 355mm long, and is very detailed, containing some REALLY tiny parts. It would quite suit enlargement to double the size.

    Firstly, I've printed this out on about 180 gsm paper. (there is no indication or recomendation as to what the Ideal weight should be, so I just went with what felt good at the time).

    The instructions do indicate that some parts (shown with red numbers) need to be laminated onto thicker stock, but again it dosn't say how thick. these are the hull frames, (two mm thick) but I would also (with hindsight) laminate the deck parts as well (one mm).

    The hull formers were duly laminated, cut and assembled. No real problems, except the horozontal formers are a bit to long in comparison to the central keel, and should have a couple of mm trimmed from the centre where they join.



    obvious at this point will be the need to trim the formers back a little on the edges to match the hull profiles. easily done with a sharp blade and bit of care and patience.


    The Hull Plating fits nicely, and only the part second from the front required any trimming. All good so far.


  2. Mousemuffins1

    Mousemuffins1 Member part.

    As mentioned before, the instructions dont call out to laminate the deck parts (I suggest 1mm), but It quickly becomes obvious that the kit is designed to have this done, but only after I made a bit of a mess trying to compensate. I added extra reinforcement to the hull arount the bow to help support the forthcoming sides and deck, which I would reccomend anyway, and also around the main deck in an attempt to stay off wobbly deck syndrome (only partially sucessful. announce1 LAMINATE THE DECK.)



    reasonably happy with what i had achieved so far, I cut the hull sides from the card, trimmed carefuly, gently bent the botton edges to curl under the hull, held them up to the hull to check fit and it all went pair-shaped.


    I just couldn't get it to fit. The bow in particular was frustrating, but I finally, after much weeping and gnashing of teeth, mannaged to get it to settle more or less, where it was supposed to. I can put alot of this down to my relative inexperience with boat building, my failure to laminate the deck and too much coffee. I'm sure that if I built this over, I'd do a much better job. There is , however, a 2 mm gap between the front and rear parts of the hull sides that will need patching.

    By this point, of course, my usual heavy-handedness had taken it's toll, and all the carfully applied skins were looking a bit bowed and alot more concave than they were supposed to. D*mnit. I'm not giving up now. Where's that wood putty?

    Now, a competent builder wont need to do what I have, which is fill and sand and fill and sand and fill and sand untill the hull is returned to a propper pristine and smooth condition. Next time I do a boat, I'm going to fill it with foam or card or ferro-reinforced concrete before I put the skins on.

    Which Brings me to here:


    of course all this extracurricular effort has nessesitated in painting the hull, and matching paint, but I kind of enjoy that kind of thing, so I'm all good. it's also allowed me to add a bit of light weathering, which also hides some of my leftover wobbly bits.

    The lower rubbing strake was curved upwards at the bow to match my references, and the bridge added with no further problems. The hard work is done, now for the fun detaily bits.

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    :wave:Looking good, keep posting. There are several different types of these out on the market and I am always looking at how the different designer's interpatate the design of the ship. This pretty much determines which one I purchase. This one is looking great, the bow is tough no matter which one you are building.
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    cant you build faster? ;)
  5. Mousemuffins1

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    papastumpy: well, it would appear that this is the same design as the WAK S boot, only as a download. I could be wrong about that, but I believe it's by the same designer.

    Onto some details.

    there are rather alot of wee parts to built up with wire in this kit, but i don't have any handy at the moment, so I thought I'd see if I could make do with paper. :twisted:

    Step 1, soak design in superglue.

    Step 2., cut out design with very sharp knife.

    Step 3, make a complete mess, reprint and repeat step 1 and 2.

    ..the final result is satisfactory, but is for maschochists/loonys only, and is probably better in wire.


    .....I'm going to regret attaching this at such an early stage, but I couldn't help myself.


    some extra details have been added, and the whole thing is starting to look like an E boat.
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    The more I mess with these paper contraptions, the more I try to make the parts out of paper. You got the right idea. Boat is looking good.
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    Wow! I am really looking forward to your build-report! Just now I am building the S100 from Revell (in Plastic) and it is nearly finished, and I have to admid that your model is getting MUCH better! I am wondering about the red area in the last area of the hull (sorry, I do not know how to translate it in english) - I had painted my model complete black in this section?
  8. Nothing

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    i got this also. great to see it coming together in your usual exemplery fassion!
  9. Mousemuffins1

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    thanks all. Yes, it would appear that the hull below the waterline should be black, but I'm guessing that another one of those things that "experts" like to argue about. I believe that red underneath U-boats is just as debated.
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  11. Mousemuffins1

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    well , there you go. Red indeed. Do you know when these photos were taken?
  12. LouisD

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    Nice work Mouse. I just found this website that shows plans for the S-100 Schnellboot, detailing several parts of the boat. Thought it may interest you.

    the address is: (without the three w.) Seems to be a private home page somewhere in France...

    Cheers and good luck with your build, :thumb:

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