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    Greetings All,
    This craft was intended to be one of Italy's entrants into the Schneider Cup. With the airfoils replacing the floats the reduced drag projected an airspeed of 373 mph. This from a plane in 1929! The plane would use a motorboat type propeller on the rear to raise the craft up on it's hydrofoils and then the forward propeller would be engaged so the craft could then achieve flight. A most remarkable plane that was abandoned in favor of the Macchi due to design problems.

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    Nice addition to you store, DeWayne! The early race planes are just about an obsession with me at times. 8v)
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    OK......... I thought I was a plane person, but I AIN'T ever seen that one. Boat prop and all. I guess EVERYTHING has been try at least once.

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    And it was hydrofoil(ish)...interesting aircraft. 8v)


    Color it black and call it The Batplane.

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