Schloss Neuschwanstein

Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by bwallaw, May 22, 2004.

  1. bwallaw

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    Hi Guys-

    I have finished the primary structure at the gate to the lower courtyard. The construction went fairly easily, but I had to spend a lot of time on the balcony area. The two turret-like constructions required some planning, but they came out nicely.

    There are some fit issues. The notched railing on the balcony has a wobble in it as the balcony deck was not flush with the wall. I decided to leave it rather than risk ripping it off the front of the structure. Also the footprint of the structure misaligned with the base. The instructions recommended that you adhere the "box" (part 11) to the base right away, but I decided to detail it before glueing it down. During this handling, I image some distortions built up, so the fit is not perfect. A little paint should clear that up.

  2. bwallaw

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    Hi Everyone

    Tonight I added the left side of the gatehouse structure.
    Probably won't have a chance to do much until after the 4th of July weekend.

  3. bwallaw

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    Greetings All

    Had a busy couple weeks there, but have put in some more time on the front gate structure. I installed the right side wing of the building and began installing the two towers that frame the entrance. The railings that cap off these towers are a bit complex requiring a lot of careful cutting and tons of touch up painting along the edges. Here are some photos.

  4. Ajax

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    Neuschwanstein is looking terrific, Bill! :D

    I guess I hadn't realized how small the parts are; that pic with the x-acto blade really brought home just how minute those spaces for the crenellations in the battlements are. Great job in getting those tiny cuts to look so square!

  5. Alfred

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    Hello Bill

    Yours Castle it?s a Exelent work at the Picture is wundervoll, i look all times here for for the Constructon of the Castle.

  6. barry

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    Hi Bill

    it's a wonderful build it takes me back 30 years to the last time I was there every time I look at it.

  7. J.L.

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    This is a wonderful model. As opposed to my first L'Instant Durable model, this German design is far superior. It builds on a solid foundation of firm cardstock. The parapets also wrap around firm platforms. Enjoy!

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