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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by bwallaw, May 22, 2004.

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    I have just started building the J. F. Schreiber Schloss Neuschwanstein and thought that I would log my progress in this lonely forum. I am undertaking this project as a gift for my in-laws who are both from Germany and are quite enchanted with King Ludwigs castle.

    This is a pretty popular model, I believe, so there is probably a lot of experience with it in the cardmodeling community. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I hope this log is also helpful to others who are interested in this model or architecture models in general.

    This is my first large architectural model and also my first Schreiber model. From first inspection, the printing and card material are of high quality (compared to my ink jet printouts anyway :wink: ). The instructions are in both German and English with very clear diagrams. The order of construction seems straightforward on first inspection.

    I ordered this model from Paper Models International (PMI) who kindly included a General Directions sheet with the model that provides some hints for constructing J.F. Schreiber models. Quite helpful.

    So far, I have laminated the appropriate pages, which were clearly labeled, to 1mm cardboard (which was provided with the model) and constructed the base plate. The base is two large pieces that are butt-joined in the center of the model and held together by 3 additional pieces glued across the seam (see pic below). Next step is to cut and build the support pieces.

    Information on Schloss Neuschwanstein is available here:
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    I remember building this 30 years ago it makes up into a very striking model.

    I think I bought it in the castle shop

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  4. bwallaw

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    Thanks Josh-

    I did look those over months back when I was considering building this kit, but it's probably a very good idea to re-read them.

    I'm still working on the base pieces cutting out the 1.0mm cardboard. I hope to have most of it done this weekend. I'm anxious to get to thinner card. It may seem obvious, but I highly recommend being patient while cutting this stuff out, particularly 5 sheets of 1.0mm parts. In my initial exuberance, was actually developing strain in my left elbow from holding the part down while I hacked away with the knife. I slowed down, using less pressure for each cut, and used very sharp blades and the strain disappeared. Am I getting old? :shock:

    Maybe a thread on Cardmodel Ergonomics is in order?
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    Schloss Update:

    Got all of the base pieces cut out. I should have test the slots before I cut them all out. Apparently, the fit is quite tight if you cut the slots exactly on the lines (which I did unfailingly.:roll: )

    I was able to coax the support pieces together, but the pieces don't want to stay where they're supposed to on the base and the whole structure looks a bit twisted. I thought by applying some weight to the construct, it might settle down, but I am prepared to go to the file if necessary. I haven't glued anything yet, but will probably start in on that tomorrow.

    :?: Question: is it easier to build the entire support structure first, and then glue the whole construct to the base, or is it better to lay the pieces down one by one and build the structure that way? I see pluses and minuses with each method. Any recommendations?
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    I ended up filing all of the slots that I cut in the "foundation" pieces so that they would fit more smoothly. After that I decided to build the foundation structure and make sure that it was all square before glueing the entire construct to the base. I let it set overnight, applying weight, to ensure that all foundation edges are solidly connected to the base pieces.
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    Thanks for the links Alfred. Lot's of interesting reading. I might actually get to Germany this fall, but my travels will likely be in the North. I have family in Hamburg. I hope to visit or see these castles SOME day!

    I've just got back from 2+ weeks on work travel, so construction on Neuschwanstein is ramping up again. I've got the base completed and have begun building some of the foundation walls. Hope to have pictures tomorrow.
  9. bwallaw

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    I've been back at the Schloss for a few hours the past few nights and managed to finish the base which has two raised courtyards. The supports build up much like the decks of a ship. The fit was absolutely right on.

    Now I am building the foundation walls between the two raised decks. I accidentally cut a score line on the wall shown in the photo, but the fit is so tight that you really can't tell. One of the difficulties is being able to "read" the score and cut lines correctly through the dark foundation and rockface coloring.

    Also, part 6 along the wall has an incorrectly marked score line on the glue tab. It should be a valley fold. It also looks like the upper wall portion of this piece will have a gap. Something to tinker with before glueing to the base...
  10. bwallaw

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    Completed the foundation wall and stairway between the lower and upper courtyards. I found that the wall pieces that build up as folded boxes were a bit bulky and did not fit exactly in some instances where the tabs are glued. Probably from poor scoring and folding. The fit is very precise, and that leaves little room for error.
  11. Ajax

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    I can't see any signs of that from here! The castle is looking picture perfect, Bill. :D

  12. Alfred

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    Hello Bill,

    Its a Exellent Work, I like this Castle.

  13. JRSeese

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    tres bien!
  14. bwallaw

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    The camera CAN be your friend! :D

    Tonight I cut out a part of the courtyard wall that is built on a curve. The part requires 3 pieces. The flat curved piece (part 8b) is the cap for the curved section. The smaller curved piece with the shark teeth (8a) is the back side of the curved section. I shaped the pieces and will likely attach them to the existing wall tomorrow. The work week has taken it's toll and once again cuts into my free time :x
  15. bwallaw

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    I finished the lower courtyard wall and installed part 8, the curved section. It wasn't an exact fit. The curved part juts out beyond the edge of the base a bit. :x I had a bit of a struggle with this part. Turns out that the shape of the curve matched exactly to the curve of a US penny. I used the coin to keep the back part of the curve in position while attaching it to the main wall. Some serious touch up painting will be needed along the top as shown in the photos.

    The main gate structures are next. :D
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  17. bwallaw

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    Thanks again Alfred. I like looking through the Kartonbau forum, but it usually requires a lot of effort to try an translate the text. The pictures are excellent. There are some other very cool castle models in that thread.

    As for the current project, I have not had a lot of time to work on Ludwig's castle lately. I have begun building the lower gate house and hope to fire up the camera and post some photos soon. I'm finding that a lot of pieces need some trimming to fit perfectly. Knowing this helps with the construction quality, but adds time.
  18. bwallaw

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    Began building the gatehouse to the lower courtyard. The arched entryway can be built with doors shut or you can install the optional arched tunnel. I chose to install the tunnel as it looks a lot better and isn't too difficult.

    Again, I encountered mismatches with tabbed edges so from here on I am adopting the method of slicing (selected) tabs, and using joining strips for larger edges. The roof dormers were installed without tabs and it seems a much better fit and seems quite securely attached to the roof.

    More to come...
  19. Alfred

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    Hello Bill,

    You make a very nice Neuschwanstein, i look all time here.

    It`s a fine work.

  20. bwallaw

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    Dank für die Komplimente Alfred!

    I am challenged by this construction at each step. I am taking my time because it is a gift and I want it to be very nice. I am learning a lot about planning ahead during each step of the construction. Best of all, it is fun and I am pleased with how it looks so far.

    Gruß Bill

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