schienen-panzer steyner kommandowagen

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    my first adventure into armor models:wave:
    its about %60 complete the parts left are all small parts with the exeption of the radio rail which needs to be made from welded wire i would recomend it to anyone who doesent like building tracks(like me)its a two part kit that contains a kommandowagen and a geschutzwagen it will be a while before i start the latter

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    %95 complete i just have 7 round objects(i have no idea what they are they look like mines but it seems a dumb place to put them if they are) and i have to build the wire structure that sits on the roof the hardest part was getting the paint correct for edge color its an odd mix of cool yellow, brown and grey i also opened up several hatches and built a basic inside out of card and painted it all grey...which cannot be seen at all ..oh well:rolleyes:

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    That's a really nice build you've got there Nullmoon. :thumb:

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    Nice build!
  6. Loopy

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    Nice build!
  7. josve

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    Nice clean build! Looking really good!!

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