Scherzer rolling bridge

Discussion in 'Weathering Forum' started by richard cormier, Nov 20, 2006.

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    I had mantioned I would try to send a pic of what I have done. Considering this is a new site for me, I am a bit clumsy with it, but here goes:

    This is a Scherzer I had built using a Walthers two-track truss as a basis. As a boy growing up in the Boston area, I used to love to watch those four Sherzers at the eight-track throat out of North Station on the B&M. I saw the Walthers bridge and jumped at the chance. I have as late, started looking lecherously at the swing bridge Uncle Phil offers, and have decided that I can make two sherzers out of one swing. This ought to be interesting...
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    Rich, there was at one time a kit for this type of bridge, although I've not seen it advertised lately. I believe I purchased mine via mail-order some years ago. While it was quite a small bridge, it would've been useful over a narrow canal in an industrial area. I bought it mainly because I liked the looks of it, but I was unable to find an appropriate place for it on my layout, and eventually sold it. There was also a motorizing kit available, although excessive slop in the mechanism that was part of the bridge probably would have resulted in poor performance.
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