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  1. Hi. I asked this on another forum but couldn't get an answer. Does anyone know what the % incline is for the risers that come with the Woodland Scenics Scenic Ridge kit? I was thinking of using the kit as the base for my new layout. Even though the trackplan is a bit different, many of the scenery elements are the same. My trackplan needs mostly 2% and some 3% grades, so I was wondering what the kit had versus what I still needed to buy. If no one knows I certainly can just measure once the kit arrives. Thanks for any help.

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    According to the parts list on Tower Hobbies, it's a 4% incline.
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  4. Thanks for the help. I wonder if I can use a table saw to cut a 4% grade into a pair of 2%'s. Probably not neatly, but it would be fun to try.
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    I am doing the Scenic Ridge and the grade is 4%. I changed it by extending the risers almost to the lower tunnel portal and the grade is now about 2 1/2% Retroguy is the authority on Scenic Ridge. He has given me a lost of help. Search under Scenic Ridge and you will find his posts plus pics of his Scenic Ridge.


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