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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Racerdb, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Racerdb

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    Can you guys stand one more S&R layout?

    I've finally got to actually see a train moving on my layout! Here's the history...I decided last Fall to build a railroad that I started in High School, 30 years ago. I started over from scratch this time. I bought a new 'Nine N Scale railroads' book. Pretty much the same as it was 30 years ago. Built the framwork, bought a piece of Homasote, laid out the track with sectional pieces as shown in the book. Traced it all, laid out the cut lines, removed the track, cut and assembled the top, glued down all the cork roadbed, installed the track. Instead of using the sectional this time, I used all Atlas Code 80 flex track. I powered up the layout by tying all the seperate blocks together, just to test it out. And last nite, ran my first test run. Pretty successful. It needs a few tweaks. So, right now, I am in the process of soldering all the joints and beginning to mount the Atlas undertable switch machines. Thinking about how I'm going to layout some buildings.

    Here's the link to the photo's and a short video.

    Any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

  2. Nomad

    Nomad Active Member

    Dave, your awful close to the table edge there. Do you plan any way to keep your trains from jumping off and commiting suicide? Otherwise, it looks great to me. :thumb:

  3. CAS

    CAS Member

    I would have to agree with grewsome there, very close to the edge.

    It is a nice little layout, but not to much of switching available on this plan. I had taught about doing this layout also. But like i said, not enough swiching for me.

  4. Racerdb

    Racerdb New Member

    Good point....I just built it as it was laid out in the book. Maybe I can extend the little river along the edge where it's so close... Probably should add a few inches on the opposite side also.

  5. berraf

    berraf Member

    As said before the edge is close, so very close, almost like walking the line.
    But the layout looks very good and offer a lot of trafic possibilities.
    And you have come pretty far in your work.
    It feels so good to be able to run a train and test the track :)
  6. Palmisano

    Palmisano Member

    Dave, we can always stand another scenic & relaxed plan! Actually. I've not seen it done very many times really. I was surfing for posts and stumbled on your and saw you were building the same railroad I was. I am currently working on the same plan. I posted some photos of it last spring somewhere on the forum under a scenic & relaxed heading.

    Anyway, I see you used a Kato Unitrak Bridge. Did you have to raise your track on the second level a little higher to accomodate the lower hanging bridge? The atlas plan has one and a half inch risers at the bridge location but I raised mine to two inches which changed things a little bit. I saw your photos and it's looking nice. I'm interested in seeing how you scenic yours and everything.

    I'll be posting more phots of mine as soon as I finish ballasting and weathering the track.
  7. Racerdb

    Racerdb New Member

    I wonder where I got that idea from? Oh yea, I stole it from your photos!! I did have to raise the upper level after my first test run.... Right now I'm in the process of solderin/weathering my track. Thinking about how my buildings will be laid out. My first, is the Walthers Lumber Yard. I've situated it on the upper level spur in the middle of the layout.

    I've decided on Atlas undermount switch machines for the turnouts that aren't easily accessable, Caboose Industries ground throws for turnouts easily within reach. I just put new photo's up on my Photobucket site. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  8. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    If you extend the edge a little, you could add a sheer rock wall that would add a "safety" on one side. Perhaps a dirtbank "cut" on the other with a few trees?

    Otherwise, might I recommend ejection seats and parachutes for the crew?

    There are two things worth knowing:

    1. The world - all of it - operates according to Muprhy's Laws.

    2. Murphy was an optimist. :D
  9. Palmisano

    Palmisano Member

    Yeah. I raised my second level so the riser at the bridge location was two inches. This of course increased the grades throughout so I ended up lengthening the grades which changed some of the geometry and spacing of things but it worked out.

    I also added another spur on the upper level and may add another under the bridge. That makes for 7 places to drop cars. Not too bad for 3X6. It has been difficult however, to come up with a scenery plan on the side opposite the bridge that looks convincing, especially since I don't want tunnels, hlls, and trees. I may cover the entire side of the layout with an industrial area and have the mainline go underneith it. Maybe...

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