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  1. Hello everyone, after everyones suggestions and recomendations on my river scene, im almost ready to begin on my gravel plant scenery. I need some suggestions on how would be the best way to design the scenery around it. As you can see from the pictures, i have plenty of room, so please feel free to recomend and suggest anything that may look good or unique. As always, thanks for your time.

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  2. MasonJar

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    I would suggest that this is heavy duty industrial area, although tidy, since room is needed for the equipment (trucks, loaders, etc) to move around.

    Lots of gravel surfaces, chain link fences. Gravel stained with "wear", dirt, oil, etc. Some details like weeds, old drums, pallets, but only along fenclines at the back of the property. A little parking lot for the office - and a sign too.

    Depending how much real estate the gravel company owns between the siding and the tracks, you might have room for other details, like a truck lot. If it's part of the right-of-way, then maybe a little wetland or ditch with some weeds and wildlife might be nice.

    Hope that helps.

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    You might also want to consider a water tower or drainage pond, with a spray truck ( our mine uses it to keep dust down, sprays the roadways.) never been to a mine that doesn't have a broken or old conveyor, with lots of parts around it. "contaminated piles" - not all the stuff comming out gets ok'd - some is thrown out - so there could be a couple piles here or there.... with a loader and dump truck there...
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    I built the same plant. My idea was to put it next to a mountain and to mine gravel/ballast.

    I thought the 2 chutes could be used for dump trucks to deliver gravel locally and the train cars for long distance.

  5. Amrap1

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    By the way,

    I would have changed the steps to the 2nd floor door to either straight out or angled to the left. It ends TOO close to the tracks! I know I could cut it off and move it or cut it off and scratch build another one. I'm working on another part of my layout. So I keep looking at it to see how it will work best.



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