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  1. emt49

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    ok guys i got my track plan laid out on paper with some help from a friend hopefully i can scan it in and post it here when he makes them alittle bigger. :thumb:

    we are thinking of putting in a scenery divider to make twice the main line run than if i had just open bench work. but nether of us know what to use for this divider but keep in mind i need to make it bend and how tall are most dividers

    (sorry about spelling)
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    You can make dividers from all kinds of things, and there are different types to consider too...

    "Backdrop" divider - just like a backdrop, but two sided. Make it out of 1" foam, or masonite, or thin plywood. Paint it with clouds/tree/mountains etc.

    Scenery divider - build a really big mountain (or whatever) betweenthe two scenes.

    My favourite - Art Curren dividers - double-sided buildings that serve to divide the two scenes. Art did some really great articles in MR about how to "kit-mingle" buildings so that each side was different.

    To be most effective, all dividers should go above eye level. This is easy if your operators sit, but doable if they stand too.


    PS - don't worry about spelling - cool tag line under your id!! :D
  3. emt49

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    "cool tag line under your id!! [​IMG]"

    hey i just let every one know that my spelling is sucky :thumb:

    and thanks for you help on the divider dont thay make plywood that bends and wont crack or brake :confused:
  4. Russ Bellinis

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    If you build your layout benchwork at the 4' to 5' level depending on your height, then it is relatively easy to build the divider at a height to work as a double sided back drop.
  5. emt49

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    i already have my bench work bult its about 3.5 feet tall

    i dont really want to block my view of the other side of the divider totaly because my layout is big and i am setting it up to run with just one person.
    but i need to duck under the layout to get to the inside of the divided bench work to run a classafying yard. so rather than ducking under to see if the train on the other side is running and derailed i can just look over the bench work is 3'wide
  6. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    If you want to look over the divider, then I would suggest that the "scenic" or "Art Curren" divider approach is for you. You can leave gaps to peek through, but generally the view will be blocked.

    3 foot wide bench is tight for a loop (in HO scale - I assume?). That means sub-18" radius, which is very tight for anything bigger than 4 axel diesels, small steam, or any rolling stock over ~50'. However, it is doable...

    If you use the buildings as a divider, it gives you the added bonus of two industries in the space of one, as each side of the structure ends up as a different structure. Even if you keep your yard on one side, you can create a wall or some other featureless building as the yard side of the divider.

  7. emt49

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    sorry masonjar i did not discribe the bench work proprley theres 4 tables 3' by 8' long making a square 11' x 11' with a 5 foot hole in the center of the square to make things reachable. i am trying to get pics up for the layout party #5 i am a part of .:thumb:
  8. spitfire

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    If you want to have a curved backdrop you'll need to either use masonite that's not too high or large sheets of styrene.

    With masonite, the higher it is, the less it bends, so tighter radius curves = lower backdrop height. Styrene is a lot more flexible, but pricey. Try to find a sign supply shop in your area - big sheets of styrene are almost impossible to get at the LHS, and even if you do find one the price will be much higher.

    Looking forward to seeing pics!


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