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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Darwin, May 27, 2004.

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    The trust old HP 5300 scanner finally went incognito and made its way to the scanner heaven. After considerable dithering at the local Office Max, I brought home an HP 3670. The hardware does a very acceptable its ability to actually scan the entire scanning window and introduction of color shifts, it seems to be doing a much better job than the old 5300, even when it was new. The resolution is not the greatest (1200 dpi as compared to 2400 dpi of the next pricier HP model), but because of limitations of memory-handling ability of my favored image processing program, I rarely try working with greater than 600 dpi anyway. However, the bundled sofware is, to quote my Georgian friends, KRAPSKIE. The old HP scanning software (HP Precision Scan) was just about perfect for doing large-scale conversions of hardcopy to electronic file. The new software is geared to the photographer, not the drafter. No way to avoid the time wastage of two-pass scanning, gripe, gripe, gripe. And, of course, no way I can find to make the trusty old Precision Scan software to recognize the new model scanner. As a work-around, I'm using PSP-8 to to control the new scanner. Introduces lots of extra steps compared to the old scanning software, but still lots faster than the new HP bundled software. Anyone out there know how to make HP Precision Scan work with the new HP models?
  2. I picked up one of the 4600 series HPs about a month ago to finally replace the Lexmark 3 in 1 I had been using that had gone to the nether regions as far as the printer went. I haven't really had too much soft ware problems except when it wnts to put stuff in a text rick format in Word. Main reason I did choose it was I can stand the unit up plus with large stuff I can place the scanner right on the original. A little pricy maybe but then it is nice to hit a sports pool once in awhile

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