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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by lancer525, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. lancer525

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    I have Ton's great 1/24 Mercury Spacecraft, but I'd prefer to build it at 1/12 instead. I know I have to scale it 200% to get to the 1/12 size, but even after downloading Adobe 9.0, I can't get it to scale the print.

    How would one go about reorganizing the parts in say, PSD format, or even JPG format, to print them out at the proper size to end up 1/12?

    Or better yet, since I am practically still a total neophyte, does anyone have the Mercury Spacecraft already done up at 1/12?

    I also have Bob's Wally Schirra interior, and I'd like to use it, but there are no instructions, or anything else that shows what the parts are, or where they go. Anyone? At 1/12?

    Oh, and once I get the build going, count on a photopost!

  2. Robot Exodus

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    Foxit Reader has the ability to scale by percentage, I believe.

    Unfortunately, you'll need a giant piece of paper to print at 200%...
  3. lancer525

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    Gee... That's *awfully* helpful.wall1
  4. gman95687

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    Get foxit pdf editor instead of viewer. Go to their website or just google Foxit PDF Editor and download it. I have version 2.0 build 1011. Now once you got it, you have to scale up the length and the width to 200%. As for printing, what I do is simply print out as much as I can get on a 8 by 11 sheet, like the top part, then I move the document to the bottom left and print out the remaining part and then glue them together to create a template for all parts for building the model. Hope this helps...

  5. lancer525

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    Actually, it *doesn't* help at all.

    What I asked for is NOT more software.

    What I asked for is a way to scale up the pieces, by getting them on full sheets.

    Gentlemen, PLEASE don't tell me to get some PDF reader. I already have four of them. And three PDF editors as well.
  6. One way I have done it is by cutting and pasting the sections onto MS Word. then you can adjust the size by grabbing the conrter of the box. Word adjust the size in increments. So once you know the number of increments it takes to get the correct size it is an easy matter to re-size the rest by simply adjusting each section that number of increments. If it doesn't fit on the page it will simply move down to the next. I measure each one after printing to make sure. But this is how I do it. the graphics transfer retains the resolution. I suggest you start with the largest already available so you don't get a grainy result. I think you will anyway becasue this is a pretty large model. If you need help let me know. it is somewhat tedious but if you are as anal as I am it becomes a challenge in itself.

    NOTE: you will have to open the file in a program that lets you cut and paste. I happen to have the full version of Acrobat which allows this function. Also Adobe 9 will as well. I assume by now you have Adobe 9 reader
  7. oops I forgot one thing. If you set the image on your adobe to a larger size in the "view" box you will find it pastes in a larger size in Word. This will reduce the number of adjustments you have to make.
  8. lancer525

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    Actually, there is a better way, as I've found out...

    All I have to do is find a printing or copy shop that has a large-scale plotter, and have them print it out on 110# poster paper at 200% of original...

    The problem now is, finding such a shop...
  9. col. kurtz

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    i livein the u.k and theres a [rint shop near me that i could get that done for ,,if u live in the u.k. :) :thumb:
  10. lancer525

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    Thanks, but I am in the USA...

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