Scalextric multi track?

Discussion in 'Slot Cars General' started by Flynny, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Flynny

    Flynny New Member

    is it possible to have a 6 lane track that a car can swap between all 6 tracks if so how???
  2. Agustin-Jean F

    Agustin-Jean F New Member

    no, wont work, the tracks wont connect like that
  3. Jure

    Jure New Member

    only possable to swap on two lanes per track, so 3 lane swapping in a 6 lane is the max!!
  4. davidhoole

    davidhoole New Member

    If you look at the British scalextric website it looks like it's possible. It gives different ideas for using their Pit Lane (part# C7014 or C7015) together with the new single slot track pieces (C7016 and 7017) to add extra lanes. They say there is no limit to that (if you have enough money and space!).
    So maybe you could use the above with the other lane-change tracks to replicate a wide racetrack where cars can follow a racing line and swing across from the inside of a left turn to the inside of a right turn.

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