SCALEXTRIC Digital Sport cars new problems?

Discussion in 'Slot Cars General' started by WICKERMAN, Jan 6, 2008.


    WICKERMAN New Member

    Ok, Xmas gift opened today and set out, Mclaren F1 set

    Everthing Ok, and first few minutes I relived my youth as I always wanted one...

    So after and hour playing with it with my 3 year old ( she is good !! ) the cars started to become noisy and on inspection noticed that they where hot ... but not excessive

    let them cool and and hour or two later, had some more fun and the seemed Ok

    I expect that them sticking in the tracks and at crossovers is a normally thing ? quick realignment push and they are away

    Today, the cars are causing the power pack to flash ? as if its a short curcuit

    How long to these cars last, motor wise, brushes are clean and servicable and do you need to lube them before use ?

    If so why dont they supply a bit of oil in the box ?

    Or is it a faulty set ?, as both cars do it.. I suspect build quality

    Any help ?

    Cheers in advance
  2. Kev

    Kev New Member

    I've never had to use any kind of lube with scalextric sets, new or old.

    Sometimes the cars can get caught at crossovers.

    Check all the connections by unplugging everything, take the track apart, and put it back together and try again.

    If it's still doing it, take it back for a replacement.
  3. New Member

    The motors in the cars will get hot through use (we often race them for hours at a time) and shouldn't be a cause for concern. After heavy use the motors can get too hot to touch so be careful when picking them up, especially young kids. Also as the motors and gears bed in you may hear different sounds from the cars. You can certainly lubricate them to improve performance and although Scalextric ones are generally pre-lubed that is not always the case with other makes. See for more detail on getting the best out of your cars. Don't go over the lane-changers too slowly as there is no power on the flipper and you will get beached, as you have found. Never heard of the power pack flashing issue before but keep an eye on it and if it doesn't improve and/or seems to affect performance you should be able to get it replaced.



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