Scaled Finally Unveils SS2/WK2

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Hans Christian, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. NYC Irish

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    Ok now that the images and designs of WK2 and SS2 are out and about……

    I kind of need to say that I think WK1 and SS1 are sooo much better looking… I feel that the new set somehow lacks the Rutan weirdness…is it just me?

    And believe me, If SS2 looked like a VW Beetle I would still ride it, but I think that over all it lacks a certain look and now looks like something anyone could have designed for that purpose…

    Am I mad?
  2. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    ...Because now they need safety and profit... This isn't a cutting-edge X-plane any more, it is more like an airliner where passenger safety is above all concerns, so I think a more "conventional" design would be appropriate...
  3. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    No sir, I also share your sentiment...

    I do agree that SS2 and WK2 looks a bit more "conventional" compared to SS1/WK and even the Proteus...

    But many think that Burt designed it with safety in mind, he's not making an experimental craft anymore, this will be the first civilian certified spacecraft... He went with this design probably so that people would enjoy space without much worries at all...

    Burt doesn't simply design something without a clear defnition of its purpose... and I think that's his strongest point...

    well, we just have to wait for his Tier 2 :-D
  4. Bengt F

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    SpaceShipTwo + WhiteKnightTwo - Modelling Subject?

    Hi Hans,

    Interesting thread! I have already some time ago (in 2006) noted my interest ,at the Branson web site, in the Branson Virgin Galactic spaceflights and also in the development of the future expanded Swedish 'SpacePort' at the present Esrange rocket launching site in Kiruna, in northern Sweden. Some European ESA satellites are launched from this site and there is also a research project in the Northern Lights phenomenon.

    Here´s a purely hypothetical thought of mine:
    I wonder if it would be possible 'modify' use Ralph Currel´s SpaceShipOne and Emil Zarkov´s WhiteKnight models?
    The fuselage perhaps needs to be more cylindrical and perhaps laser-printed on a silver metallic paper, the detailing will probably have to be modified in Photoshop or similar, the scale adjusted, etc, etc . . .
    I´m not saying it CAN be done, I am merely trying to start a discussion here? What do y´all think? Any suggestions?

    All the best from the North,
    Bengt :wave:
  5. jleslie48

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    Just WOW. What tutorial series????
  6. NYC Irish

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    Of course safety is a major concern but I think we do have to remember the topic at hand...Riding Rocket planes...

    Hello Bengt, I dont think that converting either WK1 & SS1 to WK2 & SS2 is an option, its really two different set ups, other than the twin boom shapes of SS2's tail asembly there is too much difference...

    I wish I had a mortgage to remortgage for my ticket....:)
  7. SAustin16

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    Jon Leslie,

    Check Jaybat's tutorial under Tutorials / Better Modeling through Meta & Pepa.

    If Jay keeps this up, I may actually design something in under a year...It's a great series already.
  8. Hans Christian

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    This little thread has gone very far with all the good opinions of everyone... :-D

    BTW, WK2 reminds me of the Global Flyer, just take another look at the model, the tail boom/fuselage kinda looks like the ones that the Global Flyer has...

    But anyway, this kind of capability was just unthinkable before the announcement of the X-Prize many years ago... and now we are here...

    There will be some risks, and just like sir John said, the topic here is riding rocket planes... which has its obvious hazards... But the rewards of going up there will be worth the risk...
  9. Hans Christian

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  10. jparenti

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    So who's doing the kit? :D
  11. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Hmmmm... good question... :-D

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