Scale 1:87 (HO) aircraft?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by RichBohlman, Dec 15, 2006.

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    I think you have to join so you can see all the pictures............. It's not that hard, and the guys running the site make you feel right at home.

    Of course speaking/reading German would help, but since I can not do either it has not been a problem for me.............. lots of pictures.:grin:

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    I started collecting and rescaling existing (free download) models into 1:87, mostly aircraft, but also some cars. The collection so far is here:

    The link takes you to the end of the thread, where you can see the latest additions. Work yourself backwards towards the beginning. The text is in English.

    I hope you find something useful. If nothing else, you should get some tips on how to rearrange parts sheets when rescaling.

    Happy holidays, Leif

    PS. Now I see that Gil & John have already supplied this link. Sorry... and thanks!
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    Leif............. I hope you don't mind that I posted it. This really is a wonder thread and I enjoyed it very much.

    Are you still working with the tiny motors and batteries?

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    more exersizes in scaling

    As Larry says - the math is very simple to downscale models to HO (1:87) scale:

    source scale / target scale = scale factor

    scaling 1/33 to 1/87 is:
    33/87 = .37 (that means set the print scale to 37%)

    scaling 1/48 to 1/87 is:
    48/87 = .55 (set the print scale to 55%)

    scaling 1/72 to 1/87 is:
    72/87 = .83 (set the print scale to 83%)
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    Thanks for pointing out my inadequacies in math. I still prefer to use a nice little interface program to do it for me... Not likely I will ever commit that formula to memory since I have a program that does it for me.

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