SBN-1 scout bomber?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by paperboy, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. paperboy

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    Hi all
    I found a simple card model of the Brewster SBN-1 scout bomber from pre WW2 and was wondering if anyone has built it? for whatever reason this plane appeals to me as does a French design Latecotiere 298 which is a floatplane and the Hansa Brandenburg floatplane from WW1.
    The Brewster looks simple and since I have never built a card airplane i though it might be fun? I'll add a pic of the parts sheet . It looks to be 1/72 scale.


    Happy Turkey Day

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  2. cardmodeler

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    I love the airplanes from that era! Where did you find the model? I wouldn't mind having one myself. Show pix if you decide to build it!
  3. paperboy

    paperboy Member

    The model was on a freebie site, I can't remember where but there were only two pages It was made by a guy named David Siguenza in 2002. I have gathered other info but have never seen anything re: cockpit or wheelwells etc. I will try to post the 2nd page which is instructions in png format and if you or anyone here wants I cant e-mail them as an attachment.

  4. Alcides

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    I think the planes from this time wonderful, too.

    I send you a message with my email address.

  5. fishjay

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    My name is Lester and my handle id fishjay. I supplied the info for David to make this model many years ago. I never got around to building it. Somewhere in all of my reference material I have the plans for free flight model. I will look for same and post.
  6. rbeach84

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    Lester, any luck on digging out those references? Plus, do you have any contact info for David? His project might be a good start for a collaboration to expand on his initial design and I'd want to pose that question to him. Thanks!

  7. kolighyt1

    kolighyt1 New Member

    Looks great, and i'm wondering about other projects of this author. Do you know anyone?

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