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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JustinM, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. JustinM

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    Hey everyone just getting into the paper model game and loving it! Now I've did a lot of basic figures and want to get into a little more detailed and eventually do some busts. What would your recommend for intermediate figures?

    A little about me.. I'ma full time magician, 38 and live in Canada!
    peace and thanks everyone! Oh also for larger model what card stock your recommend?
  2. zathros

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  3. Rogerio Silva

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    Howdy, Justin!

    Good to see a magician here, man. You asked about card stock... Well, in Brazil we use the European system, so my choice is 160, 170gsm for the usual models, and 200,230 gsm for what needs to be more stiffy (like armors and helmets, or inner formers).
    Actually, there's no rule, but you'll see that the smaller, more detailed the piece is, the thinner you'll need the paper to be. It goes on the other way as well (larger = thicker).

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