1. cascademan

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    my HO 5 by 9 logging layout is eventually going to have a sawmill. I was going to purchase the Sierra West Scale Deer Creek sawmill but right when I was going to purchase it they were sold out. I need to find a sawmill for my layout but I have been unsuccesful so far. Does anyone know were I can get a backwoods sawmill similiar to the Coon Gap Sawmill or the Deer Creek sawmill? I would like it to be big enough to cut BIG trees like the california redwoods or the huge firs in washington. I don't care if its a bandsaw or a circular saw. I thought about scratchbuild one but I don't have enough time. Can any of you logger help me?!!!

    Cascademan:D :wave:
  2. woodone

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    Saw mill kit

    I know that this is an old post but, if you take a look on E bay there are a couple of kits on there site. might be what you need. Look under toys and hobbies then just put in saw mill.
    Hope this might help
  3. rfmicro

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    I have a Coon Gap Saw Mill if you are still looking. Sierra West is sold out, but still taking orders. Just call Brett Gallant.

    Trent Mulkern
    Mechanicsville, MD

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