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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by farmer ron, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. farmer ron

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    It is amazing what a little incentive does for a modeler. Not too long ago I had the opportunity to purchase a shay at an extremely great price through a hobby shop that I use. The agreement that my great wife and I had at the time was that in purchasing the shay, it would have to stay in the box in the closet until the logging extention, a 6 x 5 "L" , off the main 10 x 6 layout, had the benchwork up and some track down, and the trackwork finished with some scenery done on the main layout. Well yesterday, after finishing the track and some scenery on the main part of the layout, I got the benchwork up, the track and building plans put on the layout. All I have to do now is put some track down, ties are already down as of this morning and out will come the shay !!!
    Now my problem. Where does one find plans of a sawmill, log unloading area, and log loading area. I have gone to the railroad magazine index system and found numerous articles where modelers have done great jobs at building these things, with some specticular pictures, but no plans. I have most MR & MRC mags from 1974 onwards but seem to find most plans were printed prior to the dates that I have. I have also checked with a friend who has many Narrow Guage Gazette mags also, same thing great article and pictures but no plans. I guess that I could scratchbuild the log loading and unloading from the pictures but would be much easier with plans for a saw mill. I only require a small backwoodsy type, not a big one. I have e mailed a few of the companies that produce kits and they will not sell me any of their plans.
    I am modeling in HO and do a lot of scratchbuilding.
    Does anyone have any suggestions???
    Many thanks to those who reply.. Ron..
  2. shamus

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    Hi Ron,
    Okay, you win, here's the drawings for my scratchbuilt original Sawmill and also a photo of it finished.
    It is full size for H0, just right mouse click and save it to your hard-drive, then print it out.



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  3. Bill Pontin

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  4. BDC

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    Ron - I was perusing one of the online Model RR vendors and they had a book that apparently talked about Sawmill modeling. I remebered that question had been asked, so I decided to post the info. I am not affiliated with the vendor at all, and truth be told, you might be able to get the book cheaper somewhere else.
  5. farmer ron

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    Thanks Bill and DCD !!!
    With my regular job and the farm,, have been very busy lately so just sat down this morning to catch up on the Gauge and everyone. Many thanks to you both again. Ron..
  6. farmer ron

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    Ops, sorry, forgoth Shamus too. thaks again to all.
  7. rich maiorano

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    shamus that would be 1/2 for n-scale right am going to be using one of the plans from your site but modfityed for n-scale to get me started and great site
  8. shamus

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    Hi Rich,
    Yes 1/2 scle for N.
    Use 1/16th square for the main brace. (Hardwood)

  9. RI541

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    wouldn't that be 54% for N-scale?:) :D :) But whats 128th of an inch between friends.:)
  10. rich maiorano

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    shamus your site is great also using one of the layouts modify to fit the space and add more track here and there to get me started got to get my barn(shed) clean out and got to move some elec outlets about 10 so i got some work to do rich

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