Sawmill for On30 switchback

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by sumpter250, Jul 26, 2002.

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    Along with all the other projects, I've started research on what will become the lumber operation of a 2' X 12' On30 switchback scene. While much of the information will come from posts here in the gauge ( Shamus, don't be surprised if you see some familiar bits and pieces), I have found a couple of articles which will be of immense help; "Western Sawmill" by Don Reschenberg- Nov. 1961 Model Railroader- Page 33; "Small Sawmill for Layouts" by Jack Work-based on the Reschenberg article- Jun. 1968 M.R. page 28; and "Sawmill Machinery and Sites" by Jack Work-Jul. 1968 M.R. page 50.
    At the time I indexed "articles of interest", lumber roads were not included, and it has taken a long time to find these. I know there have been requests for info about lumber before, in this forum, and while this may be late, I hope it's still usefull.
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    No No No

    Hi Pete,
    some familiar bits and pieces? No No No, can't have that, Badger Creek bosses will go nuts:D:D

    Please post some pics of what you are upto friend. Whats the news on the "Stack"


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    re the "stack"

    I'm in therapy.

    I have, at least, ruled out about twelve different approaches that didn't work. It's a case of "good enough" isn't good enough.( for me)

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