Savoia S-21 (late engine version with Porco Rosso))

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  1. Savoia-B-001.jpg

    Pilot Marco Paggot (better known as “Porco Rosso”)
    as designed by our talented Allen Tam.


    Porco, sitting on the remains of the first Savoia S.21.


    A close-up of him sitting on the wreckage of the cockpit.

    “I guess I need a new plane” he said.

    Don’t worry Porco, you’ll get a new plane.
    It will be a new Savoia S.21.
    This time it will be slightly modified
    following Miss Fio Piccolo’s plans,
    with a totally new engine.

  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Oh how lucky that you were among the few chosen, from the great Allen Tam, to have one of these beauties. I so wish I would have been chosen. Wait, I was!!! I got one too!

    To those who weren't chosen, I can only say , HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,:roll1: better me than you!sign1

    No, I'm only kidding, Let me play you a song to comfort you, :violin1:...................... Wasn't that nice!

    Ruben, don't throw this one!! It's a model. I have mine printed. Just have to start it. The first cut is the hardest!

  3. Don't worry John: the fate of the new Savoia will be completely different ;)
  4. goodduck

    goodduck Active Member

  5. I started with the nose compartment that holds the machine-guns and that is used by Fio to travel as passenger.


    I made a small mistake: I glued the middle bulkhead the wrong way and the wooden texture was facing to the wrong side.


    The port machine gun was assembled. Is not difficult, but it has several tiny parts.


    I will probably make only one machine-gun, since I would like Fio to get into the compartment.

    Next will be the cockpit and the rear inner structure of the fuselage.
  6. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Nice start!! If I wasn't still fighting pneumonia, I think I would start mine now. Great Start!! :)

    SEBRET Member

    Can't wait to see the rest. keep it up
  8. scyeige

    scyeige Member

    When I get better at this papercraft thingy, I hope to build this plane... where can I get the templates for this?
  9. My Gosh!

    I can't believe it's been so long since I last worked on this model :oops:

    I apologize to Allen and to all the people who were following this thread. Problems with my hands and some real-life work have interfered with the building of this kit. I hope I can get back to it soon.

  10. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    This model is NOT available, don't even ask. It just is not available. Sorry!
  11. goodduck

    goodduck Active Member

    I like the wreck, really cool diorama.
  12. scyeige

    scyeige Member

    No worries... it'll just be a what if for me then. :)
  13. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I thought it looked good, you should make a little beach seen with it tucked under a tree, like in the movie!! :)
  14. Zathros

    Zathros Guest


    You can get a nice model, not as detailed, but really really nice. I have built this, it scales up will, and came out great!! It's FREE too!

    Go to this URL:

    and when you get there click this, " ì•iWNo.1...." ( First link of Upper Left Hand of Page) which will take you to the page where you will see this:


    Click on the .PDF next to it, and you will have your model!! This model is much nicer than you may realize. :)

  15. That's a good idea, it would be awesome to have the wrecked plane under the tree and the new one passing by its side :mrgreen:
  16. scyeige

    scyeige Member

    Cheers! Got it...

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