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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by Roostertailking, Jan 25, 2004.

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  1. Roostertailking

    Roostertailking New Member

    Ok I got my new savage 25 and when breaking it in the car was not idling I tried adjusting the throtle trim and nothing happened please help.
  2. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    read the manual!!!!!
  3. Roostertailking

    Roostertailking New Member

    I did it said if the car does not idle to adjust the controller it also said you can adjust the Idle screw but Im scared to touch it because Im new nitro and the last buggy I had I messed it up so i sent it back and got a savage.
  4. tfhughes_28

    tfhughes_28 Member

    if you set the idle with the controler trims then when you put the brakes on, it will quit. Just adjust the idle screw VERY little. But there is a whole lot of guys on here that know a whole lot more about that then i do.
  5. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    during the break in process of an engine it is not uncommon for an engine not to idle. You may have to leave the GPI on the glow plug for the first tank or two. But under no circumstance adjust the needle valve. Just make sure that the needle valve is set to where HPI says it should be. From the factory the engine is set to be very rich to allow alot of lubrication for the piston and sleeve while it is breaking in and creating the tight seal that it needs for compression. If you lean the engine before you have it broken in correctly then you may damage the piston/sleeve seal. It is ok to adjust the idle screw but make sure you don't adjust it too high.
  6. Roostertailking

    Roostertailking New Member

    Ok thanks guys, I also have another question when i was breaking it in and the truck was elivated it kept speeding up real fast then slowing down by it selfe is this normal?
  7. no that is not normal, what siz tubbing are you using to go from your muffler to your gas tank?
  8. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    If it's not broke in yet or up to operating temp, with the wheels off the ground, it will run up and down or your low on fuel and its running lean.
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