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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Patron_zero, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Greetings all, I'm working out a project to build a playhouse for my second generation (gen-2) nephews, what I've discussed with their dad is a kid-scaled flying saucer as a playhouse-playfort.

    So now begins the design process which I'm doing as a series of paper models to best illustrate different types of 'finished' playhouses and the space such will occupy in their backyard.

    I have two strong candidates so far but open to suggestions from the fine members here at the forum, the two said designs are the Saucer from the TV series The Invaders and a flying saucer seen in the B-movie, Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster.

    Both are pretty straight forward designs and can see either not being difficult to 'translate' into a playhouse version, a big plus in each being the wide 'skirting' at the base of the saucers providing a good sun-weather shelter for a play area below.

    All that said, I'm even considering a 'hybrid' version of both saucers as the dome of the FMTSM craft would allow for an excellent interior space, while the Invaders craft's lower 'skirting' and undercarriage would make for sturdy support and good ground anchoring of the structure in general.

    Again would enjoy hearing any thoughts about said project and thanks for the forum being available to such discussions !

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    "welcome1" to the forum. I would build the Jupiter II from Lost in Space. It gives you better space inside and better shade outside. With the prices of wood these days, you don't want to build any space that is non functional.

    Work on the diameter that you need first, and the height. That will give you your starting point.
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    I love the Invaders saucer, just re-watched the series on Netflix. The Lost in Space saucer would be COOL but harder to build. Looking forward to see how this works out. I always wanted to build one in my backyard to act as my workshop/art studio.

  4. MTK

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    There's always the C-57-D.:mrgreen:
  5. Patron_zero

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    J2 Blues

    My thanks for the kind replies, and trust me the J2 from LIS has been a serious consideration but the potential size-cost issues have been a deterrent. I'm realistically looking at an area available for any project not to exceed perhaps fifteen (15) or twenty (20) in diameter, the J2 in all her majesty could not be done justice so down-scaled to meet such.

    The C57D too is a personal favorite but again subject to the above concerns, also may be dealing with any exterior structure covenants the neighborhood home owner association may have.

    That said, the interior I have in mind is more 'borrowed' from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea's Flying Sub (FS-1) which is an open 'floor plan' than the Invader's saucer's divided compartments.

    Again being restricted to at most a ten (10) feet interior diameter, more likely a seven and a half (7 1/2) feet diameter which the above-mentioned layout would be best for play area potential and a less complex build.

    I need to credit the excellent thread over at HobbyTalk where some serious work at sketching out the Invaders' saucer has been presented and been an excellent resource and inspiration for this project.

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  6. MTK

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    Can't wait to see how this shakes out.:thumb:

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