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    *cough* *subject change* *cough*

    No Need to cause any further erasure from the forum.
    Anyway, I think someone else should attempt a build so that this thread can continue.
  2. Retired_for_now

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    Not sure how Peter does it, but: building straight and clean takes sparing use of glue, working slowly on one small area at at time to ensure you keep the parts in alignment, using a tube (wooden dowel, random metal tubes, PVC plumbing bits) for a mandrel to support you work when assembling cylinders - and inherent skill which others here have in abundance.

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  4. Retired_for_now

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    David - a wide selection of models are at several free, non-profit educational sites. Try the Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center ( for a wide selection of real space. A quick google for Landsbergen or Ninfinger will lead you to many more.

    What's your area of interest?

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    thats a great build
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    Hey....... I have been back a while now, and have been re-instated by our man at the Helm Ekuth. I had to RE-JOIN because the guy who shoved me {and many others} out had deleted me - thats why some posts read GUEST and others SENIOR MEMBER {hope that saves confusion} Ekuth was true to his word, and made all areas much BETTER on this forum. Thanks Chris " Zealot " feels better now :thumb:
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    Thanks, Peter and welcome back.

    Just doing my job, and what I said I would do. Simple as that.
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    any more progress on the saturn?
  9. peter taft

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    Hi. The Saturn V model was completed a long while ago - pictures on the first page of this thread... just scroll down :wave:
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    Few things are more impressive than a well-built Saturn V. Great job on the model!
  12. peter taft

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    Thank you very much - the design is excellent ! Ton get's it all just perfect, and makes the build a real joy. I still like looking at her in the cabinet. I have one or two more real space projects to come here soon. Thanks again, means alot to me :thumb:

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