Saturn V's getting there.

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by George B, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. George B

    George B Senior Member

    Thrust Structure details completed today and first stage LOX tank details done. There's alot of tiny details for such a large model........I like, I like! :grin:
  2. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Looking good George! Those little details make world of difference, don't they!?!
    Eye candy! It's got to be fun to build this one and adding the details! Like frosting a cake!:twisted:

  3. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Great work! That is going to be one IMPRESSIVE model when you're done.
  4. George B

    George B Senior Member


    Oh yeah, it's amazing what difference the details make. I was even thinking about adding more pipe to the F1 engines, like on the outside of the bell and such. I also want to test an idea I have to simulate the corrugated pattern on the exterior.
  5. SAustin16

    SAustin16 Member

    Holy Macaroni George,

    You're doing a beautiful job.

    As Amazyah says, the eye candy details really make it "pop". I didn't realize there were so many details on this model, when I downloaded it. Looks like a lot of fun.

    Mr. Hanners' models turned me on to colored corrugated cardstock available at places like Michael's here in the western US. Don't know if they exist in Florida. I've found both black and white versions, that may be quite appropriate on Saturn at 1:48. Hope this helps.
  6. mvink

    mvink Member

    Okay George,

    Here is a "little" competition for you. Here is Surfduke's Service Module, reduced to 48th scale and mated to Ton's BPC, which will be mounted on top of Greelt's Saturn V.

    Now, back to the five F1's.

  7. George B

    George B Senior Member

    Very nice Mike!!!!! I have Surfdukes Service Module printed out also, that's my next project.

    Keep those pics coming. :)
  8. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Premier work, George and Mike!:)

    It's a real treat to see two massive builds going up, side by side. I'm looking forward to seeing them both take shape. Beautiful work, guys!

  9. George B

    George B Senior Member

    This is where I'm at for today. Rings are all glued up, ready for the system tunnels. Oh yeah, and MORE stringers.
  10. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    ? on Greelt's work progress?

    Is he doing the upper stages, (Or has He finished just the bottom stage). I would like to know before I move on to the LEM, Gemini, or HL-10.

    Have a great day,

    This is a very nice build, (Of a great design)!
  11. SAustin16

    SAustin16 Member


    Are you really planning the HL-10? Don't tease us...

    It's one of my favorite air vehicles...when I can get the gear down in time, of course...LOL
  12. George B

    George B Senior Member

    Right now he's working on the LUT platform. I believe he plans for the second and third stage (it'd be a shame to stop now).......have no idea on time frame.

    Greelt are you there?

    Love to see you do the LEM, if it'll be anything like your capsule we're in for a treat!!
  13. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Thanks for the update!

    I will be standing by waiting for the next stages of the Saturn V. FYI to Steve A., The Six Million Dollar Man, was shown to crash in the (2) vert. fin M2-F2, (Not the HL-10, (My error in research)). I will do the M2-F2 first, (Just for You, (LOL)).

  14. Greelt

    Greelt New Member

    At the moment i still work on the platform.It's going very slooooooooowly.
    Please be patient and don't worry i want stop until the whole Saturn V is ready.

  15. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    That's it, I can't stand it anymore...

    A few years ago I can't even get my hands on even a single real space model... (the monogram Sat V, Apollo capsule and LEM built for the Rizal Park Planetarium made me drool when I was still an elementary school student...)
    but now...

    I HAVE to make a museum of my own!!! :-D :twisted:
  16. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    I HAVE to make a museum of my own!!!

    Thats the Idea! Take the displays from ivory halls, (So lofty that they crap marble), and put them into the hands of the great unwashed masses, (LOL)!

    Thats My Goal! Want to help paint this fence?

  17. Hans Christian

    Hans Christian Active Member

    Count me in!!! :-D

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