Saturn V Model Launch

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by WeeVikes, Oct 5, 2008.

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    yeah, I'm sure once the "happy customer" pics go up I'm gonna get a lot of mail about a 1:96 lut...

    That's not my giant saturn v, but was another "customer" who sent in the pics and video as a thank you. The center likes the cash thank you's, but I live for the written thank you notes, pic's, etc.

    I have absolutely no idea what the UH-002 is. The rocketry club at the center was putting together the este's kits, so I sat in and as a teaser built up the UH-002 to show them the art of scratch building a rocket. This one was a bigger hit:


    both have several washers in the nose cones to move the CG.
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    That's cool! Is that Photoshopped somehow? I especially like that model in the background, though! ;-)

    Is the giant Saturn V model based on Ton's rocket? What scale is it? I can't see the movie here at work, but I'll check it out at home.

    If you do get e-mails, let 'em know it's NOT a paper LUT model. Parts of it are paper, but the tower is mostly wood and the launcher base is foamcore clad in posterboard and painted.
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    The photo was too dark (no flash used and backlight) so I used a lasso tool to grab the rocket and then I bumped up the gamma correction to highlight the model. I did a very poor job of lasso'ing the rocket hence the "glow" effect as the gamma correction leaked into the background, but I kinda liked the effect, so I didn't fix it.

    It is Ton's rocket at 1:48. I think the guy said he printed it on a Series E printer (the blueprint printer with 36" roll paper.)
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    It appears that someone is spamming the forum.
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    Yea, I looked at her profile and it seems she spammed several others. Can we delete the pictures and ban the user?
  7. I second that.
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    hmm..perhaps she has been banned already. I am checking in on her activity and it hasn't changed yet.

    However can the post be deleted?

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