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    Hey guys,

    A while ago I shared with you my 1/96th scale flying Saturn V and Mobile Launcher/LUT. As you may recall, it is my version of Ton's S-V, but engineered to fly. The LUT is partly card model, partly wood, some foamcore, paint, and tons of glue.

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the National Aviation Heritage Association's Education Fair at Grimes Field in Urbana, Ohio. I had the pleasure of talking to a couple hundred 3rd and 4th graders about Rocketry, Astronautics, and the history of the Apollo program. The highlight was the flight of my Saturn V. A gentleman who was there was kind enough to share some photos he took with me, and I'd like to share them with you.

    In order:

    The vehicle on the pad.

    The vehicle at the moment of ignition.

    Liftoff of Apollo 11!

    Nothing but a smoking pad

    Booster section parachutes deploying

    In all it was a fun day, and I think the kids learned something.


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    Fantastic! Great pictures. I would have liked to see the looks on the faces of the 3rd and 4th graders as you fired this baby...... oh well, the ones that were interested anyway!! You might have inspired at least one of the kids. Sometimes that's all they need.
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    Great job Mike!!! That must have been a lot of fun for you and the kids.

    I love the photo of the smoke coming from underneath your launch pad. What a beautiful rocket.
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    That´s fantastic. :thumb::thumb::thumb:

  6. paperbeam

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    Exquisite models and incredible photography!:cool:

    Thanks for the pics!


    N/Z scale Old West paper models (free samples) and the (almost) famous ping pong ball cannon at
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    Hello Mike. That was a SUPERB launch you carried out there... I wish i could go to an event like that. I have built Tons SV not long ago, and she really is a superb model you must ahve been very proud to send her up in a spectacular way too Mike. What motor did you use? and did it cost much? I have just finished Ton's TITAN II {Gemini} and i really enjoyed making that one too, Ton really knows how to make us all happy doesn't he? Thanks for sharing your MAGIC moment. Regards. Pete.
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    do oyu have the instructions for making that LUT? That would be an awesome addition to my Saturn V and it would definitely be great especially since me and another friend of mine are trying to start a rocketry club for our AFJROTC program.

    How high did she go? hopefully to 1000 atleast? And is this the same rocket you have pictured on Jon Leslie's site that took some battle damage?

    Great Launch and it looked really good with the smoke coming from under the pad. :D
  9. WeeVikes

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    Glad you like the model and the pictures. The vehicle uses a Estes D12-3, and no, it wasn't an expensive model at all. The most money I had involved was the BT-50s (I think it was) that formed the core of the vehicle and that I used as the engine mount/ejection charge duct. The main body tube was simply rolled poster board.

    I love Ton's models. I built his Gemini-Titan as a gift for my Dad a few years ago. My Dad worked for McDonnell in the mid 60's on the Gemini program, which I always thought was incredibly cool.

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    Sorry, I don't really have any instructions for the LUT. I designed and built it from scratch, and a lot of it happened "on the fly". I researched it on the Web -- there are tons of resources out there. If I can, I'll be happy to help you as much as possible, but I really don't have any ready files I could easily give you. Most everything you'd need to duplicate it is out there, it's a matter of pulling it together, which was one of the hardest tasks, as you can imagine.

    Yes, this is the same rebuilt rocket as seen on Jon's site. I had to rebuild the booster stage (1st and 2nd stages), but it was pretty easy. It flys about 200 feet on a D12-3, which is plenty high for my tastes.

    Glad you like the model, and if I can help, let me know.

  11. underwoodl06

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    It'd be really cool to get the stages to seperate so you get 3 flight stages just like the actual rocket.

    Thanks anyways for the LUT help but I'll look at it when I get the time.
    Good luck with the next flight.
  12. jleslie48

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    beautiful model and showcase!!!

    look here...
  13. underwoodl06

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    Nice!!!, Where did these plans come from? I'd like to get a try at that. I only wish the engines burned a bit longer than just a second or two.
  14. jleslie48

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    I drew them up a few years ago, but never finished the build. Just resize the engines for different ones if you want a longer burn, just make sure the center tube engine ejects and ignites the 2nd stage before the ejection charge of the two outer motors.

    I was going more for the correct separation planes, and a reasonable cost model; as it is the launch will be around $30+ a launch
  15. underwoodl06

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    Wow...$30+...that is alot now adays, But I figured I could also pack tubes with KNO3 and just make my own rocket engines. These are however good plans for this rocket
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    Thanks for the link

    Hi. Thanks very much for the link to the SLOW MO of Saturn V Launch... I've seen it before many, many times and it still gives me a buzz. Thanks again friend. Regards. Pete. :wave:
  18. WeeVikes

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    Thank you, Jon.

    Coming from you, that means a lot.

    We'll try to get you the next round of the Historical Series as soon as we can.

    Oh, thank Ton for me please.

  19. jleslie48

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    Your most welcome. I'll get your pics up into the "happy customer" page shortly.

    of course, if you want to go bigger, though, you'll have to start rolling your own tubes...

    I've got some of my own flyers ready for launch, just haven't had the time to get to the pad lately:
  20. WeeVikes

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    Those are great! Needs an appropriate LUT, though... :)

    I did roll my own on my S-V. The S-IVB and spacecraft are pretty much just what Ton designed, although I left out all the internal details. The bottom two stages, however, are basically a tube I rolled from an appropriately sized piece of posterboard.

    Is that giant Saturn V yours? That's really sweet! You remember the 1/48th S-V I built? My kids keep asking me when I'm going to launch it. Funny little knuckleheads...

    I like your UH-002 really well. I don't think I'm familiar with that vehicle. What is it?

    I'll have to send you the scale-up I did of my 1/480th Saturn V I converted to a flyer. I doubled it in size. In fact, I launched it on a scale up of my Mk 1 version of my LUT model. It's a fun little rocket for those times I want to do the Saturn V thing, but don't feel like dragging out the big monster. In fact, I just yesterday started thinking about building a smaller wooden version of the LUT for that and my other small rockets. I like the look of a realistic pad and tower for my models. Maybe it'll become a winter project.

    Here's my little S-V and launcher, prior to it's inaugural flight

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