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Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by TomPM, Sep 2, 2006.

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    Good morning folks

    Rain and more rain is what we have had. Luckily, however, Ernesto decided to move through quicker and the weather mis-forecasters are saying it will be done by noon. We did not go to the football game due to the rain and wind. Instead I was the mall shopping for school clothing.

    I added some more trees and foliage around the abandon road and along one side of the cement distributor.

    This time around how about a project or two you have finished within the last six months?

    For me the construction of the Walthers Cement Distributor building is one of the most recent projects I have finished. I was able to assemble, paint, and the weather the building in about three weeks. It is now resting in its new place on the layout. I am still adding scenery around it. Another project was building and coloring the wing wall and extending the stream wall as part of Cement Distributor area of the layout. The sections that both had to come off were constructed as part of the Passenger Station Diorama. I was very pleased the way I was able to blend the new walls into the old ones. On the work bench I completed numbering and weathering six ARHS special run Atlas two-bay hoppers.
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    (Quote)This time around how about a project or two you have finished within the last six months?(Unquote :D )

    In N scale,designed and built a two story brick commercial building using Walthers modular wall system.Created an exstention to the Hallmark church I bought last year.

    In HO my endevors have been weathering and detailing (and resurecting) some HO scale boxcars ,and hoppers and one flatcar.

    All other projects are in full swing as time and ambition allow.:D
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    Yeah, thanks to the "challenge" incentive I've been able to complete both challenge projects, my Sedona chapel and the depot/mansion. These challenges and "parties" have been good, otherwise I'd be a total procrastinator and not just a wannabee procrastinator.:D

    As far as rain goes here, we're looking at the reminants of John that hit Baja Mexico yesterday to come up this way by tonight. Rain is aways welcome in Arizona.

    As far as weekend plans go, I'm going to finish up reworking those F7's that I got at that train show two weeks ago. I combined them with a few other parts and non-running units that I had and I've got five out of seven possible completed already. If it wasn't for the busted up shells, I could have a few more to finish, but all-in-all, seven is a good number.:thumb:
  4. Ralph

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    I finally finished my cement plant which had been in the rough stages for a few years! Its a sprawling thing several feet long that was just a bunch of wooden boxes for a long time. Now it has piping, ladders, signs, loading bays, and some cat walks.
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    Don, did you post pics of your model of the Sedona Chapel? If you did I missed it. I remember seeing pics of the prototype from you when you started it.

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