Satellite 1958 Alpha (Explorer 1)

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    Hmmm... I'm surprised no one has posted piccies of their Explorer 1's and since I was slack and forgot to build one for the 50 year anniversary, I will just have to post pics of my Juno 1 instead. It still needs some fine wire glued to the explorer, but it is essentially finished. (Sorry for the bad pics).

    For those who would like to build this fine model, you can find it at Volkssterrenwacht Philippus Lansbergen (look in the menu for Modelbouw and scroll down to Juno 1). The model is in 1/96 scale (which is a little small for my fat fingers). You will also find a Explorer 1 model (1/4 scale) there. Thanks to Erik for his fine models.

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    Simmo, you are right to be surprised that no one thought of this anniversary. So did I, even though I built Erik te Groen´s fine model last year.


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    Great looking models! Thanks for sharing. :)

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